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Thursday, May 27, 2010

I need to be motivated

Morning. Morning. Wait. It's 2.31pm.
Good Afternoon.
My one month vacations is soon coming to an end and what have I done thus far?

Hmmm... I worked every morning at 6.30am till 9.30am.
Sometimes I take extra shifts during other times of the day just because I am bored at home doing nothing but feeling horribly fat.
What else? I finished a Korean drama series that I left half hanging last semester because I'd get too attached and would want to finish everything by a certain time. Now that I am free, I'm done watching that.
Lovers in Paris, not too bad. pretty old school. a lot of crying. What's new?
I stream GLEE on Fox.com after every Tuesday for the newest Glee episode.

Talk about GLEE, everyone kept asking me if I have heard from them.
Truthfully speaking, I really doubt that I will EVER from them because the thing about casting, especially in a show like this. They want diversity, and basically I am the exact same 'type' as TINA in Glee.

I am Asian, and I'm not like the typical skinny Asian stereotype.
I'm awkward and a lil chubby.
Therefore, they will never cast me.

But that's the thing about auditioning right?
You keep on going and going just to get yourself out there. You might go for 50 different auditions that has a role perfect for you but you might only get cast once.
Yup, gotta keep on trying. Keep trying.

For instance, there is an audition for Royal Caribbean Cruise production of CHICAGO coming up next Friday at Downtown Chicago, which I am dying to go to.
Like I said, deep in my heart, I know for sure that I will never get cast, just because you are basically dancing in nothing by lingerie during the entire show. Hence, you gotta be SKINNY.
And I know that I don't physically look like I can do it.
BUT, I'm just going to try it out. If I ever find a way to get there by 8.30 am on Friday.

Keep trying harder.

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