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Thursday, June 03, 2010


In a couple of hours, I'll be waking up and will be driving down to Chi-Town for my first audition out of campus.
I've had several professional auditions before (like the theatre that I am working with right now), but most of them are companies that toured around and stopped by University campuses for their auditions.
This will be my first time getting myself out there. On my own, to an audition for the Royal Caribbean Cruises' production of CHICAGO the Musical.

I always thought that it would be awesome to work in a cruise ship. 
Perform, get paid, save money, and travel.
Not bad eh?

Besides, I know the musical by heart because I've done it before. 
The only down side I see myself having is that I am not thin, nor tall enough.
What the heck. I wish I would book this gig. 
But if it does not work out, I'll be fine.
It's my first audition anyway, what can I expect out from it.


Wish me tonnes of luck, and pray for me!!! 


Laura said...

Hope you'll have a nice day, anyway!!

giam2020 said...

Pretty women dancing on the ship.
Good luck and hope you make it.

*YenN* said...

Thank you for your wishes. :)