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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Beach Day

I love my off days. I really do.
Maybe because we've just been extremely busy with rehearsals for the past two weeks. Now that we've finally opened the show, I get to sit back a little and just chill. Unlike everyone else, I love Mondays because to me, it is my weekend. My only day off.

Despite the warnings of my stage manager saying, "No tanning. Burned skin cells do not absorb light the same way as your normal skin cells. Don't be a human light sucker, we don't want to not see your face on stage. etc.", I went to the beach. I mean, I just had to. I will be moving to the concrete jungle in a month and I would not have the opportunity to visit beaches as much. What more, I live so close to Midwest's best beaches so why not?

I did slather a lot of SPF 50 sunscreen though.

My trusted face sunblock from Clinique which I bought last summer at Taiwan's airport prior returning to the US from visting Daddykins at Bangladesh.

Ultra Defense Banana Boat for the body. Only $7.42 from Walmart and I have been using it forever.

So yes, after a nice Eggs Benedict, avocado, tomoatoes, with hollandaise sauce breakfast, sunscreen, the sand, fresh water, big waves, cool breeze, and the noon sun beating down on you, was not a bad choice at all. Thankfully I don't burn easily. Probably because I grew up in hot and humid Malaysia and I was always actively doing cheerleading practices under the sun for 6 hours straight I became pretty much immune to it. Or maybe because I am just plain Asian, and I have more pigmentation on my colored skin. Muahaha.

Oval Beach, nestled among towering sand dunes and bordered by the winding Kalamazoo River on its way to Lake Michigan. Conde Naste Traveler Magazine rated it as 25 best shorelines in the world, and top five beaches in the country by MTV.
Not bad huh.

Due to school holidays and the summer season (of course), although there are many tourists at Saugatuck right now, the fact that it is a Monday, the beach was less crowded and it was nice to have your own personal space, away from people.

Besides the occasional seaweeds, the water was crystal clear.

Thus, an end to a wonderful day at the beach.


I am finally going to the gym tomorrow with my other house mates. It is about time to get my fatty arse up there because although I have been eating really healthy with salads and other types of raw veggies, I have been extremely sinful with chocolates lately. Very bad very bad. I need to be thin for the big apple!

So yes, good night. It's been a very nice couple of days. As much as I am excited to move to New York, apart of me wish that time would move slower just because I am starting to dread leaving this beautiful state that I have been living in for the past three years of my life.


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