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Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Gluteus Maximus

So, I've finally got my butt up and have worked out a little (just a little) since I have complained about being fat. I ran a little. Did my arms, my abs, butt, and my hamstrings exercises. Overall, I was just a little more active than the previous 2 weeks of summer that I have been lazing around, using the weather as an excuse of being too hot or too cold for me to get out and exercise.

Just when I was about to feel a little better...

I woke up at 5.40am for work today.Dragged my feet to the bathroom with my eyes half closed.
Did my thang. Cleaned up, and finally when I pulled out a pair of my Guess Jeans (according to Lynn, the one that makes my butt look small), GUESS WHAT?!

I can't freaking fit into it!!!! Just when I thought I felt... more toned.


It was so frustrating! Yet, I didn't careless, and all I wanted is for my fat ass to fit into that pair of Jeans. You see, I am still in the state of 'denial'. So I used all my strength and pulled that jeans up my fat thunder thighs. Surprisingly, it didn't tear.

And now, I am walking around work feeling that my butt looks amazing, just because I could fit into those jeans. Secretly, I am walking around with my tummy sucked in. What a shame.


Definition from the Urban Dictionary

·         A dick-bouncin, dynamic booty, that defies the laws of physics and reminds men why we wanna be dogs or an urban term used to define approval of the voluptuous curvature of a feminine rump.   
·         A  bangin' ghetto booty.
·         The posterior of the female anatomy when concerning the homosapien species. In which the diameter of the said posterior is not to exceed 50 inches but not to go below 40 inches. Equally as important the owner of the badunkadunk must possess a waist line no larger than 2/3 the diameter of the badunkadunk.
·         A female booty which is extremely large in comparison to her body, yet, observed by males as round, full, and sexy.
·         A  round, plump incenibly juicy derrierre so phat that it jiggles more than a cup of jello puddin around Bill Cosby

·         A big Fat Ass! 

Hmmm...... I'm actually thinking of a liposuction.

 Aite, back to work. I'm going running today. Needa jiggle those fats off.

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