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Thursday, June 03, 2010

How much do you charge for a greeting?

I was at work today.
The usual morning 6.30am shifts, opening up the dining hall; making sure that the pop machines work, unlocking doors, setting up the milk machines, and keeping track that the other student workers get here on time to help me put down the chairs before the cafeteria opens up at 7am. That is a daily routine of a dining supervisor during an opening shift. The only thing that we would need to worry about is if any student would not turn up because it is such an early shift. Since it is summer, work is pretty slow. If one out of the three other workers don’t show up, I would just continue step in and help out as much as I can. During the normal school hours, I just keep my fingers crossed and hope that everyone turns up.

As I was doing my usual inspection with my keys hanging from my belt buckle, clunking against my thunder thighs, one of the dishroom workers who seemed extremely bored (because he was doing sitting down playing with his ipod) looked up at me and asked,
"How much do you charge for a greeting?"

I looked at him in confusion and I said, "What do you mean?"
You see, I wasn't quite sure on what he said because he is a very soft spoken person, and he speaks with an African accent. Even though I am used to being around people with different sorts of accents, I gave myself a benefit of a doubt, because to me, his question just simply didn't make sense.

He then repeated himself, and this time I heard clearly,
"How much do you charge for a greeting?"

At that moment, all I could feel was embarrassment. I didn't realize that I was such a butt face. I knew all along that I was way quieter in the mornings. I have no problem waking up, but usually, I don't like speaking unless I have to in the mornings because I’d always like those first couple of hours to warm up and have ‘Yenn time’ before the day starts.

Ugh. Thinking of myself strutting around with the ‘I am so cool. Look at me supervisor bitch face, and the annoying keys clunking around’ makes me sick to my stomach. I really hope people don’t view me that way :(
In Malaysian terms, damn lanci lor!

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