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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Just wanted to rant.

This post has absolutely no content in it.
I just needed a space to talk.

I just came back from a nice brewing company really close to where I was rehearsing for the couple of days. Instead of going to the theatre at Saugatuck for rehearsals, we have been rehearsing at an Art Council at Holland due to the Film Festival taking place at the theatre. This is totally random but, I actually had real food today!

I have been scraping on celery sticks, baby carrots, cucumbers, and crackers for the past couple of days, which is pretty pathetic of me. My dinner two nights ago was a can of tuna, lettuce, and like 5 baby carrots because I am trying to save on cash. We finally decided to go out for dinner today, which was really a treat.

I had a Portabella burger with goat cheese which cost me 9 bucks. And I only ate half of it because I wanted to save the other half for lunch tomorrow. The sad thing was, I boxed it up, and totally left it there because I was distracted.
Then again, I was a little tipsy on the 20 ounce berry cider beer (tasted awesome because it didn't taste like beer at all) that I ordered. I hardly drink beer. Trust me. I can have 3 cocktails and be totally fine. but when it comes to a beer, I can't even have a bottle without feeling a high and giggly.

After that, I went to an awesome Ice-cream place to get a single scoop of hand dipped Kilwin's track ice-cream. I think it was just after a couple of days of food deprivation, I just needed to eat myself silly. Stupid choice. Probably because of the beer. Plus, at that time, I hadn't even realize that I forgot my burger yet.

Now that I am home, realizing that I have left my awesome burger at the restaurant, I just feel extremely stupid to have spent more than 20bucks on my dinner (which I didn't even get to finish, and that beer that I didn't even need because I simply don't drink beer). Stupid.

Ok. Done ranting. Hope I didn't just waste 10 minutes of your time.
It is 10.30pm and I am off to bed now. ZZZzzzzz....

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