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Friday, June 25, 2010

We Open Tomorrow!

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels will be opening tomorrow today in less than 18 hours!!

We just done with our preview and talk back just now and it's been hell lotta stress and fun at the same time just because we only had such a short amount of time to put up such a huge show. I still can't believe that we've managed to put together a show as big as this in 2 weeks. Although I am only in the ensemble, I never had the chance to rest, it was either I had to be on stage, move something, dance, sing, whatever, or be back there stripping as fast as I could so I could get into the next scene, or moving something on stage. 
Although it is almost a 2 and half hour show without intermission, I must say that this is the busiest show that I have ever been involved in.

Some of our cast members (mostly the ensemble) after rehearsal at the beach watching the sun set
We have a huge cast I must say. We have 12 ensemble members and 5 leads! It is the biggest show our theatre company, Mason Street Warehouse has ever attempted.

Beautiful? Absolutely.


Yay sun, sand, and champagne.

Looking for wood for bonfire nights under the stars.

Hmmm... now that the show will be opening, there will be less stress from working during rehearsals. I can't wait!!! 

I'll be taking more pictures during the show and you can see my 250 different costumes.
Here's my bob wig by the way. Don't I look Korean?

Anyway, break all limbs for tomorrow all!!!
Good night.

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