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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is Sexy?

A couple of days ago I asked a friend, "Which part of your body do you think is the sexiest".
He replied, "My eyes. I get a lot of compliments on it."
It's true, he has beautiful blue eyes.
Since I usually spend my time questioning people random questions like that, I then thought to myself.
Which part of my own body do I think is the sexiest. Ok. Maybe not sexy. Probably most happy with?

My thick Asian hair? Nah... too many split ends.
My eyes are chinky.
My nose is double F aka. flat and fat.
My face is pimply.
I don't have an armpit because it has so much fat on it that it would be more appropriate to say fatty underarm than anything else.
I have enormous elephant sized arms, hence I do not have any shoulders.
I have small boobs for my size.
I have thick layers of love handles (and that is saying it in a nice way).
Do I have a fupa?  Laugh out loud.
I do have a badunkadunk, that is for sure. I don't know if that is a good thing or not. Maybe. Not in Asia for sure.
I have cellulites on the back of my thunder thighs. Mom would call em layered cake.
I would say that my calves look pretty nice when I wear heels because they are muscular. But then again, every girl's calves look nice in heels.
My feet are ugly. Someone actually told me that once.

Wow. I just realized that I am extremely unhappy with my body.
I need a change of body perception.
Positive thinking please.

Which part of your body do you think is the most attractive?

1 comment:

laubao said...

I don't know you in real life, so I can see you in photos, but I think you're a nice girl.
The thing I notice in your videos, is that you like really sexy when you sing and dance!
I think your voice is great (I've just written it to you!).
I think you just have to love yourself the way you are, and think that nobody is perfect.
People are more sexy when they love themselves and smile to people!!

...it's hard to write these things in English, so hope you'll understand what I would like to say!

I don't think I'm sexy. I'm not perfect, I'm short, too!! But I like my red-hair and the color of my eyes! ...but when I was a child I didn't like to be a Red-head a lot!!

Be Happy!!