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Friday, July 09, 2010

Fourth of July

The cast of Dirty Rotten Scoundrels were invited to walk in the Saugatuck Fourth of July Parade last Sunday to promote the theatre and the buy one free one pass for that special day. Unlike Malaysian parades that are usually extremely glamorous and expensive, parades that I have been to here are usually organized and participated by local communities, restaurants, and shops. It may not be as exciting and there may not be beautiful flower and balloon decorated floats, it somehow portray a sense of community, unity, and local pride.

Haha. This was a picture of myself with CHARM ALL STARS Malaysian Cheerleading Team performing at the Singapore's CHINGAY Parade in 2006.
I must say, it was a huge enormous event and probably the best experiences that I've ever had performing. 
Wow. I was so thin back then.


We arrived at the local middle school where everyone else met before the parade started.

As you can see, vehicles decorated and this picture above, a truck pulling a platform with the White House Bistro where the cast always hung out after the show for drinks and pizza. 

An old lady with her statue of Liberty Costume. Absolutely adorable. 
The people here are really patriotic. 

Former soldiers who got a little offended when I told them that I loved their costumes.
"These are not costumes. They are uniforms!"
Ooppss... I should just have kept my mouth shut and just said thank you after taking a picture with em.

3 of the other girls that I live with; Kayla, Kurt (my director), Megan, and Sam

Hannah (office asistant), Ricky (theatre manager), Nicole, moi, Cliff, and Danny (stage manager)

I was assigned to be the 'flyer girl'
My job was basically walking around during the parade to promote and give out our flyers for the buy one free one ticket and a free cabaret which is happening tonight after the show!

Getting ready to leave!
I guess I took on my mom's fear of the sun after being burnt the last time I went to the beach. 
Can't leave home without my fedora, sunnies, and sun-screen anymore.

All pumped for the parade on an extremely hot and sunny day!

While the others walk alongside our banner and cars, some had the privilege of seating on the back seats of classic convertibles throwing out candy to the crowd on the street.

Another one of the babies that we're in our crew

"Come see Dirty Rotten Scoundrels!!!!!!"
"It's buy one free one tonight and its an amazing show."
"I'm in it!!!"
"Want free tootsie rolls?"
Anything to promote.

Patriotism or what?!
Absolutely adorable!

It was great fun bonding with the cast while doing this with the local community. I ended up with a little farmer's tan because I totally forgotten that my only red top had longer sleeves. After the parade, we went to a local eatery that served the best breakfast and lunch in town. If you ever come to Saugatuck, please go to the ELBO ROOM. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that place, but I will make a note to myself to take a picture when I go there again.

Here's just a few picks from their Breakfast Specials.
Doesn't sound too special, but sure taste so!

Pizza specials that caught my eye ;)

Here's what I ordered for Brunner (Breakfast + Lunch + Dinner) that day.
I didn't have time to eat before or after.
A Portabella Mushroom Sandwich served with Veggie Chips!
I've been on a Portabella Mushroom craze lately, I think I am slowly turning into a vegetarian.
Havarti Cheese, Spinach, Onion, Tomatoes, Sauteed Portabellas on a Naan.
MMMMmmmm... :)

And back to the theatre for another show.

Give Em What They Want Free Cabaret tonight after the show at 11pm!


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