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Wednesday, July 07, 2010

The Framily Visits

It's been 3 years since arriving the United States.
3 years, 4 University productions, multiple dance and singing performances, 1 run of Cabaret performances, and 2 professional shows.
Not a whole lot, but enough in the span of 3 years.

I remembered when I was back home in Malaysia, my family would always be there for all of my performances and competitions to show support and love. Well of course, at that time I would rather hang out with friends while they sat aside beaming with pride. I have written a couple of blog posts about being emotional before a show because I'd always think of how proud my parents would be if they were there to see me grow in my art. 
Come to think about it, I cried before all of my shows. Either the night before opening, or during opening when everyone around me had their grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings, and parents coming from all over the state to see and support. I know that my parents love and support me in everything that I do (as long as it is legit and not illegal. lol). But sometimes I wished that they would be physically there although it is quite impossible because of the extreme long distance, expensive plane tickets, and responsibilities back home.

This is when the 'framily' come into place.
I was really happy to hear that my friends from Kalamazoo was coming in to see the show, and like how every night someone in the dressing room would announce who they had coming into town, last Thursday and Sunday, I announced that my Framily is visiting. I mean, how often do I get to do that? :)

B:" Framily? Is there a reason why you call them framily?"
Yenn:" Yes, since my everyone in my family is separated to different areas of the globe, my best friends from Kalamazoo are all I have and literally, they are my family away from home. They keep me sane."

So yes, friends whom I call family = FRAMILY

Malaysian Group # 1 visited on Thursday
Thanks Amin from driving up here
Thank you Cheryl for organizing the whole trip
And of course, thanks Yasir for the dinner
*picture credits to Cheryl

Malaysian group #2 on Sunday
I had a lot of fun guys! Thank you!!
*picture credits to Jolene


On the other hand, I have some costume pictures to share! My 2 year old camera have been acting up stupid lately. I am pretty pissed about the fact that I have taken such a good care of my camera and it has only been dropped once (by my dear clutzy sister), besides that, I always handled it with care, and yet, my lens is failing on me. Every now and then it would start vibrating and of course, with a vibrating lens, how could you have a picture taken? Grrr.... the next time I buy a camera, it will NOT be a Sony anymore. 

Yes it looks sleek and sexy especially in red. Yes it takes amazing wide lens pictures and the colors are vibrant when it is bright. I can't complain about the video quality because it looks and sounds great for a point and shoot camera. However, this camera sucks horribly for low light pictures and now it freaking vibrates whenever I turn it on especially when my battery is low. WTF right?
I have googled about Sony T300 and it's vibration problems and it seems that I am not the only one facing this vibration issue. So, DON'T buy a Sony camera. It's only been 2 years with great care and yet, it still fails.


Beth in her awesome cameo costume with me in my maid outfit.

Maids for hire. Yes?

Greek Tourists.

My American Tourist outfit. 
Funny how stupid I look in it, but its even funnier that Asian tourists actually wear this in real life.

Club dresses!
Not the most comfortable dresses to wear for a dance number because they fit tightly around the hips. With all the crazy kicks, fast movements, and partnering moves, our skirt rides up like no other and many a times we can't really do anything about because you would not wanna be spending time pulling your skirt down instead of dancing.

Cow Girls, Yee Haw!

Sexy French Maids? Guess I don't have to ever wear a French maid costume for Halloween ever again.

Our gowns for the opening number.
I am really not that short, I don't even know did we have to bend down for this picture, but some people insisted. Shortay!

My mic, wig cap, and I.
So yes, this is why the pictures of me at the beginning of this post are all in crazy curly hair hidden in a hat because after 4 hours of pin curls, I really look like an Asian version of Medusa. I kid you not.

Oh well, 11 more shows to go and I'm still loving every minute of it.
4 more days till I'm 22, Holy crap! First birthday in the USA.

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