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Friday, July 02, 2010

Sun Kissed

Being Asian, I grew up in a 'whitening' environment, in a sense that you hear about people slapping on whitening cream, mothers yelling at you for being in the sun too long, and etc. I mean, back in my Cheerleading days, my mom would always tell me how horrible I would look after being in the sun practicing for 6 hours and that I should always have sun screen on. Even just a year ago when I was at Bangladesh, mom would personally apply sun screen on my face before going out to the market or anywhere in general. Every single time I make that 23 hour flight from the United States to back home, I would go through the transition of reading about different tanning oils on magazines published in the US to whitening creams on any Asian published magazines.

Americans LOVE tanning.
Seriously, I have met so many different kinds of people from ALL over the world and American are obsessed! The first thing I saw when we pulled up to our neighborhood that we were going to move in on the first day of being here was a bunch of pretty big boobed girls laying out ON their rooftops drinking beers and sun tanning in their bikinis. What an introduction to the Unites States huh.

Last year when I was here at Saugatuck, I would go to the gym in the morning, shower when I get home, jump in the pool, and lay in the shade by the pool in my bikini and take a nap for an hour or so. I loved it. It felt really relaxing and I would have nice golden skin, and a bikini line that literally lasted 9 months before it was completely gone. The past couple of days, I had a lot of beach time with some of the cast members of the production.

We had to climb up a dune and go down the stairs to get to the beach. 
It really is a workout on its own. My calves were killing me for more than 2 days just because of those steps.
See that little patch of white strip on the right, next to the trees? That was how far down the beach was from where I was. And that wasn't even the top of the hill.

My friends and I going down the stairs.
Always remember that descending is always the fun part because you would need no effort!
Wait till you have to climb back up at the end of the day.

So yeah, for the past two times that we went, we always got there around noon and stayed for at least 3 hours doing nothing but laying out under the direct beating sun rays. Very bad. Back home, I probably never went to the beach around that time because we would be fried! And mom would always say that I would regret it when I get older when pigmentation start to form in my 40 year old face. Beach time back home would always be in the morning, or the evenings. On the contrary, we got there around noon when there wasn't as many people. As the clock start to tick and as it got closer to 1pm, there was definitely 8 times more of a crowd. It really made me wonder, is that why melanoma aka. skin cancer rates are so high in the United States? One thing if you would slather on shit tonnes of sun screen and another thing if you were a macho teenage dude who doesn't give a hoot about protecting your skin because it is cool.

Yup, so this was what we did throughout the entire time that we were there. Including me.
The weather could be extremely deceiving just because the breeze is cool and the sun is extremely warm. It felt extremely nice actually. An hour would be just right for me, but 3 hours or more would be a little too much. I was actually hoping that my friends would make a move, but they loved it so I had to stay with my long sleeved cardigan on to avoid getting too burnt.

I understand why Caucasians like tanning so much. Their pale white skin looks so good with color and it actually makes them look rosy and healthier. Also, girls who want lighter hair color can just easily rub on products or lemon juice and lay out in the sun for a couple of hours. On the other hand, Asians specifically yellow skinned ones like me don't look quite nice with uber tanned skin unless you naturally have tan skin. I think if I stay out in the sun long enough, I would look like a Filipino, that's it. Nothing more, nothing less. The only thing about sun tanning that appeals to me is that tanning makes you look skinner or more toned. Yes, like how using a bronzer to create shape and enhance cheekbones on your face, tanning actually makes you look thinner!

But please don't get burned. I suffered. Having a burnt back doing a show is not fun at all because I have a dozen costume changes and it is hard to move around without rubbing the clothing material on your back. Plus, I wear my mic pack on my back so the friction of the Velcro belt against the burn was nothing but painful. Then again I am whining because it is the first time in 21 years that I got a sun burn. I am so tempted to take a picture of my butt cheeks to show you the contrasting tan lines. It literally looks like I have a white triangle with red borders on my butt, and I am not even exaggerating.

This has been my extreme Best Friend for the past couple of days.

I guess that I won't be beaching for a while unless it is solely for watching the sun set.
No tanning!


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