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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Being Yellow

I have been encountering countless flattering comments since I moved to New York. 

Maybe it's the diversity and people appreciate ethnic people more or maybe it's just the way it is here. But back in Michigan, I was never proud being Asian because I always felt that it made me more inferior towards the mostly white population. The only few Asians were International students, and if you ever come across American born Asians, they would extremely Americanized, in the sense that they are usually extremely tan (because tanning is presumably uber cool), and they wear shit tonnes of eyeliner. So basically most of them are Bananas *white in the inside and yellow on the outside*. Literally. I'm not saying all of them behave in that specific way, I'd say most. I don't blame them at all because I can understand growing up in a non diversed neighborhood and you being the only ethnic person may not be the easiest thing on earth, and as human beings we tend to conform into the mainstream, push away our awkward features and try not to stick out like a sore thumb. 

I remembered the few times clubbing at a local bar in Kalamazoo, it was always us Asians in our little corner. One time a few girl friends and I headed to the restroom together, this guy yelled out, "Whoa! Asian Invasion!"
I never gotten any serious hate comments or whatsoever, but I've always felt out of place.

On the contrary, one of the few reasons why I love New York is because it feels like I've returned home. I have the privilege of growing up in a multicultural community, and me being Chinese, I belong to one of the majority races in Malaysia. Similarly, everyone in New York is colored. Okay, not everyone. Mostly. 

So I was talking about receiving flattering comments, blah blah blah, here are a few of em.

"Damn, you are hot."
"Whoa girl, whose ya boss?!"
"Damn you Asian girl look so yummy!"
"tyuiuytyuiyui *something in Spanish*
"ytvyuebiud *something bonita, something in Spanish*
*kissing sounds* to get my attention
"Girl I'm gonna take you home"

Over time, I've grown to ignore people as I hurried of to wherever I would be hurrying to. But this one time at a bus stop, one guy and his friends tried so hard to get my attention, he invented an Asian sounding name and starting hooting and holla-ing at me.

"Soo Yong!"

I listened and ignored. That was when I didn't hear the name he called out. Then he called out again, I was like huh? Do I know them? Soo Yong and Sue Yenn sounds so similar okay! Thank God the bus came right after that.

I usually don't mind it when people say stuff at my face, but I don't like it when guys start adding foul languages to whatever they are saying. Comment like, "fuck bitch you are hawt", and "Baby, you know what am I going to do with you tonight" is nothing but disrespectful. Worst, this one time while I was hurrying to the bus stop at Times Square during wee hours in the morning, this African American guy extended out his arms and tried to hug me. Boy, I was annoyed. I swore never to walk alone at night even if it was at Times Square.

Today, after an audition, I took the usual bus home and right before I hopped off the bus, the bus driver handed me a note. 

Lol. So polite and cute.
But, I don't know about meeting a random bus driver guy like that.
Since I take the same bus home everyday, let's just hope that I won't ever get on his bus because I am not planning to call him.

Really, now that I am here in New York I think that I wouldn't be getting these kinda attention if I weren't Yellow.

Till then, xoxo.

1 comment:

EmElbee said...

You walk around Manhattan alone in the wee hours of the morning??? Not smart for a pretty girl! I hope the nice, sweet approach by the bus driver makes up for some of the crude remarks from a$$holes.