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Friday, August 27, 2010

Today is...

Day number 8 since I started work.
Honestly, working at this job really reminded me of the cafeteria that I used to work at in my not-long-ago college days. But of course, the fresh memories are of the recent months, and those were my supervisor days. Which also meant that I ran the place, workers worked under my rules, my laws. Wahaha... I sound like a dictating communist. Well in fact, I was not at all like that. I remembered being very lenient with employees who worked with me, and we all always had fun. Ah... talking about it makes me miss the cafe. As much as I compliant about not wanting to go to work at 6.30am on a freezing snow day or after partying the night before, I REALLY do miss the cafe. Mainly the people there and the memories that I have made throughout the past two and half years.

Work at this new job is not too bad at all. 
Located at Stone Street, not far from the famous Wall Street at the Financial District area of the city, this place is always jam packed with people for it's size. This particular location that I am working at is the first of the current six upscale pastry shops in Manhattan. At first I was skeptical about working there because Stone Street is nothing but a tiny little cobbled stone corner compared to its beautiful European inspired looking surroundings. Little did I know that it is a huge attraction to both cooperate individuals, international tourists, and normal people who addicted to their daily dose of sugar and coffee.

I stole this picture from my sister's blog when she came a visited me during my fourth day of work.

When I said on the corner of a cobbled stone street, I meant the corner of a cobbled stone street.

Pretty? They usually come in regular 7, 9, or 12 inch round shapes but this is what happens during the Valentine's Day season. We're famous for our Sacher Torte (not in picture), the Fraiser (which is that pretty pink and white strawberry shortcake in the middle), and Tiramisu (the white and brown one on the upper right, wrapped with lady's fingers). Those are the three famous ones that I can think of, but like I told you, we have a huge variety and all of them are amazing.

Our Brownie on the left and Napoleon on the right.

More pastries. The UFO looking ones in the middle are called Madelines. Basically a lemon pound cake. Very popular too.


Chocolate Mousse Cake!

Financiers. Of course the cafe was named after it.
I was told that the cafe's name originated from it's location (this current location that I'm working at) because it is located at the heart of Financial District. Hence to be special, they give out complimentary Financiers to every customer who buys a coffee or tea. See that it resembles a gold bar :) 
It is basically a mini almond pound cake and it can be addictive. 
Thank goodness I am not allowed to eat during work time.

*pictures above do not belong to me. Thank you Financier customers to ate and blogged about it with pictures*

Ahhh... everything always looks pretty. I've always loved pastries, the art of it, and of course it's taste. The breakfast and lunch menu served are also very good. Even their coffee plants are all owned by them. Everything from coffee to pastries, to salads, to chocolate bunnies, are made in their bakery/kitchen in Brooklyn and sent over in the morning. In a way, I am glad that I don't get any discount on any of the pastries or chocolate, or else I would blow up like a balloon. But it would be nice to get a free pastry a week :(

Anyway, yes. It is day number 8 for me and all my shifts were 8 hours long. Let me describe my job to you. I was am hired as a cashier, and thinking that I would be sitting on the corner counting money all day, this on the other hand is not quite similar. I am basically a barista (which means that I make the Lattes, the Cappuccinos, the Ciocolinos, the yada-yada), I take orders, I have to know every detail about our huge variety of pastries in order to explain to customers what they specifically like, and of course I count money all day, standing. Yes, I stand for 8 hours straight besides by 30 minute break. All this in uber fast foward motion. Well actually now that I have listed down my responsibilities, it doesn't seem hard at all. Then again, anybody can do everything that I just listed above. Beg you not, I am not complaining. In fact, I love my job. I'm just trying to say that I don't just sit all day and count money. 

The only few real jobs I had besides performing are always in the food and beverage business. Maybe I am biased for not having any retail experience, but I would choose F&B anytime because one, I love food, two I love working with people, and three, it is usually fast paced. Under 22 years of strict training of my parents, my sister and I are always quick on our feet. 

"Never be the last to leave the house!", 
"Never let people wait!", 
"Time is precious!", 
"If you are on time, you are late!", 
"Hurry up! We don't have all day!", 
"Don't walk as if your ass is too heavy for you to carry!"

Lol, they never specifically said the last one, but somewhere along those lines. But back to my train of thought, being so quick on our feet our entire lives was kind of a pain in the sense that Lynn and I are always the first to arrive, thus we always have to wait for people, and we can never take the pressure off ourselves to just chill and take our time. Specifically when we hang out with our Malaysian timing friends, sometimes it could drive us crazy when the appointment time is 2pm, it would mean 3.30pm instead. Anyway, this quick feet instinct in me has certainly done me well in this circumstance. Thank you mom and dad for your training or else I would have been fired :)

Today at work, while serving a customer at the Gelato station, my apron pocket got caught in the water filter from the gelato machine. Don't ask me how, but the machine was designed that way that it would happen because I was not the first. Of course, I didn't know that my apron pocket was filling up with water until 5 minutes later when I feel water dripping all over my pants and shoes. I quickly felt my phone in my pocket, thought nothing about it, and slipped it into my other pocket because I thought that I just had some water splashed on me from the counter, and because I was extremely busy to realized then. After work, I tried checking my phone for messages, only to find my phone dead to the world, dead to me. I was so upset because the phone wasn't even a month old yet. Sigh. How can I live with this stupidity of mine. I came home, blow dried it, and it is still not working. I'll give it one more day, if it doesn't work, it will be another slap across my face because of how senseless I am. 


On a random note, the fact that people are SOOOOOOO addicted to their caffeine. I work for 8 hours at a time and I see people coming in getting their coffee and most of them are regulars. I've only worked for a week and a few regulars have already caught my eye.

This guy comes in SIX times a day for an  EXTRA LARGE BLACK COFFEE. SIX freaking times y'all!

Another lady comes in with her partner, boyfriend, or whoever that guy is to her THREE TIMES A DAY for a LARGE SKIM LATTE with an EXTRA SHOT. A large latte already has 3 shots of espresso. Adding another shot would be 4 shots. Three times a day would be 12 SHOTS of ESPRESSO?! Holy Moly Daughter of a Spotted Giraffe!!!

Seriously, if I were to give that man a decaf coffee, or the lady a decaf latte, I doubt they would know. I think that it is all in their minds that they need their caffeine fix to keep them up and going in this face paced city. I'm just saying, I'll never do it. Maybe because coffee just does not work for me so I am biased. Those were only the two that I have noticed since I started work. I was told that there was more if I observed. 

Work again tomorrow, let's see if I'll make anymore unreasonable mistakes. 
I'll let you know if I do.

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