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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


1. Been auditioning.

2. First audition went well, got a call back. Second time waited for 8 hours and didn't even get seen. Damn its so competitive.

3. It is really difficult because audition is at 9.30 and I would have to be there 2 hours before to sign up for a good time, or I just night not be seen.

4. I've been applying for Food and Beverage jobs too.

5. No NYC experience is and huge downfall to my F&B career.

6. Craigslist.com is my best friend.

7. I love my room mates aka. my dear sister and Pearly who is also from Malaysia.

8. Been eating healthy besides that one time Food Hunt Fiesta with food lovers like other Malaysians. we went to Flushing, which is basically a bigger version of Chinatown. Ate our hearts and tummies silly, and came back extremely bloated.

9. The weather has been incredibly hot. Back in Malaysia, I never knew what humidity was because I practically lived in it. Now, OMG. I HATE HUMIDITY!

10. I need to keep telling myself that I can do this. I can do this. Gah! I want a job!!!!

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