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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A Quickie

Wow. This is the longest I have gone without updating my blog.
Been extremely busy lately. Work, friends, belting like a mad lady giving birth in the bathroom, meeting new and exciting people... Funny to think that now that I have graduated for 5 months now, I am still so busy juggling with life. Even weirder to think back, how the heck did I manage to juggle between classes, rehearsals, work, performances, and friends all at the same time. Crazy.

Anyhow, I will be having my first debut in the Big Apple tomorrow yo!
I'm so excited. I was so jittery at work today with the thought of performing :)
It was as if someone shot eight espresso shots into my blood vessels. Hopefully it all goes well, and I hope more that my dear Sony Camera will not die on my because it's been acting really crazy since Saugatuck.

Yup Yup.
That's about it.
Life's been the same so far. Met a lot of new people. Hopefully will go on meeting more for futures' keep.


Owh, and Happy Belated Mid-Autumn/Mooncake Festival.

Ciao now brown cow. xoxo.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Will be performing

So yes!
Mark your calendars New Yorkers because I will be having my cabaret debut on September 29th 2010!

Who is Brandon Cutrell?

MAC AWARD and BISTRO AWARD winner Brandon Cutrell is Co-Host of The After Party, the wildly popular, weekly Friday night musical theatre "schmoozefest" at The Laurie Beechman Theatre on 42nd Street in NYC. Brandon made his entrance on the New York cabaret stage in 2001's It's an Art: The Music of Stephen Schwartz (with Stephen Schwartz). Other New York credits: Broadway By The Year (Town Hall, directed by Emily Skinner),The 2nd Annual Broadway Unplugged (Town Hall), Pippin (with Ben Vereen and Rosie O'Donnell), Liz Swados' Waiting For Lefty and David Friedman'sKing Island Christmas. Nationally, Brandon has performed with Theatre of the Stars, Goodspeed Musicals, the Human Race Theatre, and the Cincinnati Pops Orchestra. Brandon's solo cabaret debut, entitled, was honored by TheaterMania as the best debut show of 2002 and by the Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs (MAC), which honored Brandon in 2003 with the MAC Award for Best Male Debut. Brandon's show, No Reservations, enjoyed a four month run in New York and received the praise of Stephen Holden in The New York Times. No Reservations also earned Brandon his second MAC Award, the 2005 MAC Award for Outstanding Male Vocalist, and the 2005 Back Stage Bistro Award for Outstanding Male Vocalist. For nearly two years, Brandon was the original Host of Mostly Sondheim. Brandon made his debut in the Algonquin's Oak Room when he was named a finalist in the Algonquin's Young Artist Competition. In June of 2006, Brandon made his solo debut at Feinstein's, New York's legendary nightclub on Park Avenue. Every Monday night during the summer, Brandon and his musical director, Ray Fellman, can be found at the Ice Palace on Fire Island as the Hosts ofBrandon and Ray's Broadway At The Beach.

Please spread the word! 

For tickets will only be $20 with a minimum of $15 spent at West Bank Cafe. Please contact me if you are interested and I will get back to you ASAP!!!!!


Thursday, September 16, 2010

Work Woes

I must say that after working for a little less than a month, I feel better about myself. Previously, I struggle with doing stupid mistakes like messing up kitchen orders and making iced cappuccinos that were not quite up to standards. Well, I am better now. I am more relaxed when the crazy coffee break crowd fills the Pastry/Coffee shop, and I think that I m pretty proud of the fact that I can balance being a cashier and a barista at the same time without making mistakes. 

However.... yes there is always "however"....

I think some customers just take pleasure in tormenting workers. And that is absolutely not cool, especially when I know that I am not wrong. For your information, I think I have a pretty good attitude when it comes to work. Growing up in a business oriented family, I was always taught that customers are always right, and I should always put on a smiley face no matter how ridiculous that specific customer maybe. I ALWAYS apologize whenever I am wrong, even if I am right, I still do too, but I would sometimes get frustrated for not standing up for myself. Most of the time, I would just let it go. Which is why I am ranting here.

Work woes.

There was once I took a delivery order through the phone. Since I know the fact that sometimes I might get a little careless, I always made sure that I repeat the orders back to the customers at least twice, sometimes even three times! So, I took care of this lady through the phone. She ordered a whole bunch and I read through the slip three times. Food was delivered. The next thing I know, she called back and said that I placed an order for a wrong sandwich.
First of all, when it comes to ordering, she did not give me the sandwiches name. All she said was, "That sandwich with turkey." When I said, "Is it the Cote Ouest Baguette?" She said, "Yes."
Then I repeated the order THREE times.
And now you are telling me that it is the wrong order?
Thanks lady. I got yelled at by my manager.

After that, I went on a break.
Apparently, she called again because someone forgotten to put in her order of chocolate biscottis, which I DID write down in the order slip. Now, that was the kitchen's fault. But since I am technically still new, my manager blamed me for not writing that in the order slip. How could that happen when I charged her bill based on her order slip? If its on the bill, it's on the order slip damn it.
Agh. Do I have scape goat written on my forehead?

Case number two.
Whenever I take 'to-go' orders, I would offer to bag the item in a bag. Since the environment is so fast paced and every person's request is different in the sense that some people would like me to bag it for them personally, some would just ask me to hand over the bag so that they could do it themselves, I usually go by instincts on what a person would want based on how 'in-a-hurry' do they look. Today, a lady took a parfait cup from the express station and took it to my counter to pay. Usually a customer would hand me the item so that I can bag it for them. She just left the parfait cup on her side of the counter (which was impossible for me to reach), so I just offered her a paper bag with a spoon and a napkin just in case she needed it. (She didn't even ask for one) I charged her and moved on to the next customer.
The next thing I knew, my manager came towards me and said that the lady was extremely upset with me because I didn't bag the item for her. Whattheeffingcake?! 
If you want me to bag an item for you, tell me! Or at least, give the item to me so that I can do it for you! I always bag things for my customers. Always. And that one time that I didn't do it, I got yelled at.
Seriously, even if I didn't bag it for you, does it hurt to bag an item yourself? This is not a 5 star or a Gordon Ramsey fine dining restaurant for your mother's sake. 
And you just had to go straight to my manager for something so bloody small. 

And that was just case number two. 
I have many more stories about how people getting upset just because we check 20 dollar bills if it was a counterfeit. Why would you even get upset about that. Why do people get offended SO DAMN easily? Do they have nothing else better to do?
I bet that they are unhappy individuals because they don't know how to appreciate little things in life and they would rather spend time getting upset over little tiny details like this.

Owh well. As I have said, work woes. You can't have one without the other can't you.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

I am

so sick.
Completely lost my voice.
Well, not really. I can still talk but I sound like a man.
It's so bad.
I hate spending so much on freaking medication.
I take medication for cough, chest congestion, nasal congestion, claritin, echinecea, and all sorts of multi-vitamins now. I even bought a freaking Nettie Pot!
Bah. I hate it.

I have a really important audition on Saturday and I will be flying down to Atlanta for that.
Dear God, please give me my voice back.

On the contrary, I did an audition (with my manly voice) yesterday.
I went in the room and said, "Hi, my name is Sue-Yenn and I never sound like this." Sang my song, sounded like a dying dog, and ended with, "Thank you. I'm sorry but I usually sing the higher end of the song but I really can't sing today. I'm sorry.)

Felt like shit.
BUT, I got a call today and they wanted to see me again!!!!!!!! Yay!!
My appointment was suppose to be tomorrow, but I told them that I am still sick.
Hopefully they will reschedule :(
Please Please Please.

Please let me get better. Please.

Thursday, September 02, 2010

When will be the next time round?

It's been about 5 weeks already and I am itching to perform again.
When will be the next time round?

I really hope I land a gig soon. There aren't a lot of auditions now. Plus I work most of the time now.

Here I am as Kitty in Chicago.

Singing, "All I care about is love."

Next performance will be at the Jew Jersey School of Dramatic Arts Cabaret. 
I really can't wait!

Dear God, please help me land a gig. I really can't wait to put on my dancing shoes again.