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Thursday, September 09, 2010

I am

so sick.
Completely lost my voice.
Well, not really. I can still talk but I sound like a man.
It's so bad.
I hate spending so much on freaking medication.
I take medication for cough, chest congestion, nasal congestion, claritin, echinecea, and all sorts of multi-vitamins now. I even bought a freaking Nettie Pot!
Bah. I hate it.

I have a really important audition on Saturday and I will be flying down to Atlanta for that.
Dear God, please give me my voice back.

On the contrary, I did an audition (with my manly voice) yesterday.
I went in the room and said, "Hi, my name is Sue-Yenn and I never sound like this." Sang my song, sounded like a dying dog, and ended with, "Thank you. I'm sorry but I usually sing the higher end of the song but I really can't sing today. I'm sorry.)

Felt like shit.
BUT, I got a call today and they wanted to see me again!!!!!!!! Yay!!
My appointment was suppose to be tomorrow, but I told them that I am still sick.
Hopefully they will reschedule :(
Please Please Please.

Please let me get better. Please.


EmElbee said...

You're being flown in to Atlanta for an audition? Sounds seriously promising. Try using Clariton-D 12-hour (not 24 hour) to stop the brain sludge from coming out of your nose. Does NOT make one sleepy or dopey (or any of the other dwarves).

The NYC call-back folks' timeframe allows them to give you a later date.

Lots 'O Luck. Sue-Yenn.

Laura said...

Hi Sue-Yenn!
I'm glad you're fine! And I wish you lot of luck for your audition!
This summer I went to Edinburgh (Scotland), and I was really impressed about the Fringe Festival!! I had lot of fun, and I want to suggest you to take part of it!!! I know lot of famous people participated to that Festival!!!
Good luck!!!