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Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 to 11

Two more days till another new year. Two more days!
Boy, this year has been nothing but changes. From a senior in college to the real world. That is a freaking huge step don't you think?! In fact, I don't think that I have caught up with that fact yet! Not good.

So here is a recap of the little things that happen this year.

Shall we?

Let's see, so here's Lynn, Cheryl, and I counting down last year in New Jersey after helping my dear sister move in to this current apartment that I am living at right now. Crazy to think that a year has past, I still remembered having awesome sushi, and that Asian waiter trying to hit on Cheryl. Lol.
I learned that day that you can't purchase hard liquor after 10pm due to the New Jersey State law. I must say that I was extremely astonished when I tried to buy a bottle of Jack Daniels before heading to the quaint little BYOB Japanese restaurant in Hoboken and I was told that I couldn't.

I celebrated my sister's birthday without her for the first time this year. I never missed her birthday because we were always together physically. We made it up though. Bought her a cake, and called her up on skype.

That count's right?
Good memories.

I also got into baking because I loved the way the apartment would smell when the goodies were in the oven.
It was then that I realized that I had a natural talent in baking the best Chocolate Chip Banana Nut Bread.

Nom nom nom.

I also made my first Black Forest Ice Cream cake.
Wow. I was really into baking then. The sad thing was, the more I bake, the more I ate. Bad thing to do. 
Lynn said, "If you don't stop baking, you will turn into a fatty pig!"
Since, I decided to only bake during special occasions. Boo.

On the other hand, besides having a dance class 3 times a week, I was disciplined enough to drag my heavy butt to the gym for a full body work out twice a week! I felt really in shape then, my old high school hidden pacs were creeping back and I was really happy..... Until..... a week before the show that I was in opens, I fell and sprained my ankle really badly in a dance class.
A week before the show opens! And it was a show with intensive dancing!

I visited New York for the third time in March for my Senior Showcase. 
I got my heart was broken.

I had my Senior Showcase for agents, casting directors, managers, and all the other important people in NYC. Of all days to fall sick and lose my voice for the first time in three years, it happened that day. The most important day, the first 'real world' day!!!!!!
I was devastated. I remembered walking around the city feeling really depressed and I couldn't stop the tears from falling. I was the only one in the class that didn't get a call back. 
I mean, really. Who would want to call back a girl who spoke through her entire song, and still sounded like a dying frog gasping for air? No one!

But, I moved on.

I performed my first cabaret, which I thought was very successful.

Casting Call for a Best Friend.
Performed by Cait and I

I was Kitty in Chicago.
At that time, I felt really good about myself after the incident in New York.
I was doing well in school, working as a supervisor at the cafeteria, involved in the most awesome show, had my own cabaret...
Sure I was busy, with all the last minute projects and rehearsals for my Spanish and Directing class. I felt on top of the world! I had no time to think. I was just on the road, grinding. I was grateful. I loved that kind of life.

I went to my last College Ball.

Had my last 'Girls' Night Out' event with the Malaysian Chicks at school.
Boy, I really do miss those times when were got to doll up, get the boys to drive up to a nice place, and just chat, cam whore, and feel pretty.

Now that I'm in New York without a car, I would have to hide my 4 inch heels in my purse and wear my flats because I would have to walk so much to get from one place to another. Pathetic.
I guess you can't choose between beauty and comfort.

And I finally graduated.

Dad and Lynn flew in to celebrate with me.

I felt that I wasn't good enough because I only scored a 3.86 cGPA upon graduation.
A couple weeks prior to graduation, I was told that I was nominated as the presidential scholar of the department. After all the hoohah and posters everywhere, the department finally told me that there was a mistake. Another girl had gotten 0.01 cPGA higher than I did.
Well, it wasn't that big of a deal besides the fact that everyone had congratulated me and thought that I was the presidential scholar. I just thought that it wasn't fair that I was put in such a position where I was given something, and they had it ripped off at the last minute.
It would be better if I hadn't known.

Well if that didn't happen, there wouldn't be a story right?
Gotta try harder.
I moved on.

During summer, I was part of the fantastic cast of the fabulous Dirty Rotten Scoundrels.
It was amazing. I had so much fun working at Saugatuck again. I wish that I could work with them again this summer. *cross fingers and pray for me!*

I was everything from an American tourist, to a French maid, to a Latin dancer at a club. 
I loved the stage.

And of course, my friends were always there to support me. I felt loved!

The day before I left, we partied one last time. 
And yes, my friends certainly did make sure that this would be a night that I will not forget.
Cheryl bought me a pitcher of long island ice tea and made sure I finished every drop of it by myself.
Best part of it was that it was only $7 bucks!!!!
You can't even find A SMALL DRINK for 7 bucks here in NYC.
Oh Kalamazoo.

On 24th of July, I finally packed up my belongings and moved to my dream city.
Turns out that I was young, naive, and innocent. I certainly didn't know what I had installed for me.

I made new friends. Got a new job as a cashier at an upscale bakery place and all.
Everything was going fine. I had an income, but no time for auditions.
 One thing though, I didn't party as much as I thought I would. Sure, I would go out every once in a while but I am always too lazy to step out of the house once I get home. It's good though. I spent less.
Two months later, I found myself quiting my steady job. I needed more time for auditions and I was sick of the fact that I was under paid tip wise (I knew someone that was taking money out from the shared pot).

As for now, I am working part time with a catering company. I am extremely unhappy about the fact that I have an unstable income. It freaks me out. But I'm working on it. Hopefully more gigs will turn out after New Years.

I performed my first cabaret in NYC.

Where Will I Sleep Tonight? 
Performed by yours truly

My parents visiting NYC and we went to Washington DC to visit my aunt for the first time.

We celebrated Thanksgiving in advance. It was the first Thanksgiving with the family because we never celebrated Thanksgiving back home in Malaysia.

We met my cousin for the first time too. Funny how I never knew about him till he added me one day on facebook. There was always those random 'hi' and 'byes' written on our facebook walls but we never spoke in real life. It's a cool feeling to know that I have a 'big brother' figure in the same country.

I performed in an off Broadway show called FIGGY PUDDING'S HILARIOUS HOLIDAY HOOHAH!
I learned about Kwanzaa, an African holiday that I have never heard of till the day I got the music sheets.

Haha... This is nothing to be proud of.
So I have always partied back in school. Not that I am a huge partier because I barely had time. But I lived with my room mates, and they had house parties every single weekend and people would be over at my place either every Friday or Saturday. not exaggerating! 
So every once in a while I would come home from rehearsal and join them in their silly drinking games. I also enjoyed clubbing because I loved dancing. I almost never drink whenever I club because I couldn't careless to pay for a drink and the music gives me an authentic high that I didn't have to get from alcoholic drinks.
I've never been drunk. A lil tipsy, yes. But not drunk. 
I think I got that from my dad. My sister and I have pretty high alcohol tolerance.

However, I got drunk for the first time. Here in NYC.

Nothing really happened. 
Besides the fact that I threw up for the first time in 7 or 8 years when I got home, I didn't do anything to embarrass myself. But I didn't touch alcohol since. I remembered watching a movie the next day with the girls and I felt like death. I even went to a club a week after but all I drank was water and pineapple juice.
I guess I had to learn it the hard way huh ;)

I spent Christmas at Sam's parents' place at Whitehouse Station, New Jersey.
Isn't it beautiful? Looks like it could be from a post card.

Here's the barn with the two horses inside.

Sammy and I in front of the Christmas tree. 

I had a wonderful Christmas. I had the opportunity to sing in the choir for Christmas, thanks to Sam's parents. And now, I am back in NYC!

Whew, this year really did past by so darn quickly. So many firsts and lasts compared to other years. The last time I actually had time to sit and think about what I have done and accomplished was when I was back in Malaysia packing to come to the States. And now, I am done with school, out in the real world. Wow. This really still feels like a dream to me. I am grateful for all the fruitfulness and lessons that I have learned this year. I am happy for the significant people that I have met and have had the chance to be close with these past months before and after Michigan.

Dear 2011, please be good. I know that this is another year of new things to happen and old memories to move on from. By the middle of this year, I will find out if I will be able to stay in the States. I really do hope that I can. Agh! So much anxiousness and anticipation. I am excited and partially afraid to welcome you. 

As for New Year resolutions, I'll take baby steps.
Carpe Diem.

Cheers and have a wonderful 2011!!!!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hey all!! I've been missing for awhile. Thanks for being patient while I'm gone :)

I've been busy last week working the catering job, which is awesome. But since the holiday week has officially started, I am living the life of an unemployed. Sad but true, yes. I have been applying for jobs online everyday hoping that I will be able to get a part time job. We'll see how that goes.

Here's some of the cast of Figgy Pudding's Hilarious Holiday HooHah, chillin' before the the show during the photo call. Santa hats!

Matt and I foolin' around during one of our scene.
And yes, I clearly gained some weight. Lol. No. Not funny at all.

What if your gift to your other half is another attractive person?
Honestly, should you be happy or sad? 

What about pretty girls for a Christmas present?! ;)

Sammy, Soo, and I at a bar at the Lower East Side.

Have a wonderful Christmas, and Merry Hannukah, and Happy Kwanzaa!

Will see you all again during New Years.

Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Whew... Deep breaths.

Time is passing by really really quickly. It has already been more than 4 months since moving from Kalamazoo!

My life was back to normal since the parents left. Not that it wasn't normal in the first place, it was just felt more like vacation time when they were here. Partly was because I didn't have any auditions to go to, nor job offerings. And that sucks.

Mom said, "Maybe its just God way of letting you spend more time with your parents!"

I really do hope so. I never regretted any minute hanging out with them. It's just I always have this worry at the back of my head. Worried that I will not be able to survive. Oh boy, since when I turned into this worrier? What happened to the free and easy me?

Anyway, a day after mom and dad left, I went did an audition for Kung Fu Panda (directed by the Cirque Du Soleil people). LOL. I certainly didn't know what I was getting myself into!!! It's an audition for the circus! Why didn't I see it coming? I had an amazing time auditioning. Nothing like I have ever done.

Strength Test (which I failed miserably), Gymnastics Tumbling (I thought I did ok since I have that pee wee experience from cheerleading in high school), Flexibility (awesome), Dance (great!)

I knew that I wasn't not going to get anything out of this audition the minute I stepped unto the gym room. But I figured that since I woke up that early to go for it, I might as well just stay. It was a great work out after all. I was dead sore for the next couple of days. Never in my life I had my butt muscles cramp up so bad. Well, I definitely felt my ass perkier for sure :)

Last Sunday I was involved in the upcoming movie (which premiers in November 2011) called Tower Heist, featuring Eddy Murphy, Ben Stiller, and Casey Affleck. I was basically paid to freeze to death out by the park. It was the coldest day I have ever experienced in NYC. Well, maybe it wasn't as cold, but the winds were brutal. Standing 9 hours outside with just enough to keep you warm was not the best thing to do. I came home sick that day. Not fun at all.
At least I got my foot in to how it feels like being a movie extra. Hopefully I'll get more chances to do this.

One thing I need to do, worry less. Live life more. 
Perhaps a Pre New Year resolution?

What did you do last week?

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's Autumn

Weird, it's usually snow white by this time of the year and we would be having our annual 'cursing of the snow, wishing that it isn't that cold' rituals. But no, snow has not fall yet... well in New York of course.

Besides the strong winds and wet rains, New York is still the same. It was 60 degrees out this morning and tonight it will be in the 30s. Funny how the weather fluctuates. This makes me miss Kalamazoo and all my friends whom I've hung out with throughout my three years there.
I never had a doubt that I would not have a white christmas then, but now in NY I do.

I did absolutely nothing today. Woke up late, ate brunch, took a nap, hug myself silly hoping not to die from cramps. How unproductive. I feel like a low down clown.

Lynn and I just sent mom and dad off to Malaysia yesterday night. They probably just arrived. I miss them already. The next time I'll see them would probably be next August. We'll see.

Off to rehearsal