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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

It's Autumn

Weird, it's usually snow white by this time of the year and we would be having our annual 'cursing of the snow, wishing that it isn't that cold' rituals. But no, snow has not fall yet... well in New York of course.

Besides the strong winds and wet rains, New York is still the same. It was 60 degrees out this morning and tonight it will be in the 30s. Funny how the weather fluctuates. This makes me miss Kalamazoo and all my friends whom I've hung out with throughout my three years there.
I never had a doubt that I would not have a white christmas then, but now in NY I do.

I did absolutely nothing today. Woke up late, ate brunch, took a nap, hug myself silly hoping not to die from cramps. How unproductive. I feel like a low down clown.

Lynn and I just sent mom and dad off to Malaysia yesterday night. They probably just arrived. I miss them already. The next time I'll see them would probably be next August. We'll see.

Off to rehearsal

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