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Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Whew... Deep breaths.

Time is passing by really really quickly. It has already been more than 4 months since moving from Kalamazoo!

My life was back to normal since the parents left. Not that it wasn't normal in the first place, it was just felt more like vacation time when they were here. Partly was because I didn't have any auditions to go to, nor job offerings. And that sucks.

Mom said, "Maybe its just God way of letting you spend more time with your parents!"

I really do hope so. I never regretted any minute hanging out with them. It's just I always have this worry at the back of my head. Worried that I will not be able to survive. Oh boy, since when I turned into this worrier? What happened to the free and easy me?

Anyway, a day after mom and dad left, I went did an audition for Kung Fu Panda (directed by the Cirque Du Soleil people). LOL. I certainly didn't know what I was getting myself into!!! It's an audition for the circus! Why didn't I see it coming? I had an amazing time auditioning. Nothing like I have ever done.

Strength Test (which I failed miserably), Gymnastics Tumbling (I thought I did ok since I have that pee wee experience from cheerleading in high school), Flexibility (awesome), Dance (great!)

I knew that I wasn't not going to get anything out of this audition the minute I stepped unto the gym room. But I figured that since I woke up that early to go for it, I might as well just stay. It was a great work out after all. I was dead sore for the next couple of days. Never in my life I had my butt muscles cramp up so bad. Well, I definitely felt my ass perkier for sure :)

Last Sunday I was involved in the upcoming movie (which premiers in November 2011) called Tower Heist, featuring Eddy Murphy, Ben Stiller, and Casey Affleck. I was basically paid to freeze to death out by the park. It was the coldest day I have ever experienced in NYC. Well, maybe it wasn't as cold, but the winds were brutal. Standing 9 hours outside with just enough to keep you warm was not the best thing to do. I came home sick that day. Not fun at all.
At least I got my foot in to how it feels like being a movie extra. Hopefully I'll get more chances to do this.

One thing I need to do, worry less. Live life more. 
Perhaps a Pre New Year resolution?

What did you do last week?

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