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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chinese New Year

This year marks the fourth year of spending Chinese New Year abroad.
No family reunions, no food hopping, no ang pau collecting whatsoever.

Surprisingly, one would think that I'd be used to it by now. As a matter of fact, I feel the most 'empty' this year. Maybe it is because I just realized that I have not had reunion dinners with my grandparents and relatives for the past few CNYs. Also, I was blessed with friends whom I claimed framily while I was in college to celebrated Chinese New Year with.

I even had the opportunity to wear my red phoenix cheong sam! Now all I can do is look at the pretty red dress and say, "When will I ever wear you again?"

Although I was away from home, I was still surrounded by the Malaysian culture. Traveling for food with friends, dressing up for special occasions like these and all. Yes, that IS the Malaysian culture. Lol.

Here's what's a truly Chinese Malaysian culture. Lou Sang or some say Yee Sang/Yuu Seng.
It is usually partaken before dinner as a symbol of good luck for the new year.

The original dish often consist of daikon (white radish), carrots, red pepper (capsicum), turnips, red pickled ginger, sun-dried oranges, daun limau nipis (key lime leaves), Chinese parsley, chilli, jellyfish, chopped peanuts, toasted sesame seeds, Chinese shrimp crackers (or fried dried shrimp), five spice powder and other ingredients, laced with a sauce using plum sauce, rice vinegar, kumquat paste and sesame oil, for a total of 27 ingredients.

This picture above however was homemade 3 years ago using only ingredients that we could find in Kalamazoo, which mind you is not diverse. Hence the lack of ideal ingredients.  But it was one of the most memorable Yee Sangs because it was the first away from home AND its homemade!!!

Second year of CNY away from home with the ladies at a Malaysian reunion dinner. 

We even had Karaoke after that! So Asian :)

3rd Year, I can't even remember what I did. I knew that I celebrated CNY without my sister first the first time though. Hmmm.

Dear CNY, what do you have installed for me this year?


EmElbee said...

Happy Chinese New Year to you all!

Burbank maids said...

Happy Chinese New Year! I wish I could celebrate a new year this way too. And I would love to taste Yee Sang/Yuu Seng.