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Saturday, January 22, 2011


8pm at work

Co worker: "So don't take it personally. I was asked by a customer if u swing both ways."

Yenn: "Well, I don't know what to say. I obviously like boys."

Co worker: continues doing work......

Yenn: "Ok fine. What should I say?"

Co worker: "We're doing business here. Use what you got, flaunt it. You never have to answer those questions. If you get my drift."

Yenn: "Erm..."

Co worker: "Trust me. They'll tip you more."


9pm at work

F Client: "Wow. You are gorgeous. Do you have a girl friend?"

Yenn: "Well actually no. *smiles and walks away*

F Client: "Are you looking to get into a relationship or do you even wanna hang out? Cuz if you do, I'll be here."

Yenn: "Erm. I just moved into the city so I'm not looking for anything. Just trying to settle down myself and we'll see how it goes."

F Client: "Ah I see. This is for you baby." *drops me a 20 dollar tip above her 7 dollar drink*


10pm at work

Was approached by a bunch of very attractive ladies.

Yenn: "Hey how's your night doing? Enjoying yourself?"

Random guy: "Yea. Thank you for being such a great help."

Yenn: "You're welcome! So what occasion is this?"

Random guy: "Oh, it's the Gay and Lesbian Association of ***very important company***"

Yenn: "Ah! I see."


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