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Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I have been doing a bunch of auditions the past week. 4 days out of 5 week days for the same season. They were doing The King and I as one of their season shows and that was why I was so gung-ho about making sure I was seen for it. And how many timeS did I get seen? Only twice. I waited ALL day the first two days and nothing happened.

The first time I was seen, I was the second last group to be seen at the end of the day. Mind you that I woke up uber early in the morning and sign up at the list at 7.30am! That's 2 hours before the actual sign up time started. There were SO MANY people waiting to be seen and all because the season includes other popular musicals like Cinderella and Xanadu. If it were just the King and I, I am sure I would be seen sooner. It was so funny because we were all starting to get loopy as the closing hour got closer. It became a point that it's a celebration when you hear your name called. I told myself, 'I don't care if I am going to be cast or not. I just wanted to bloody get seen!' Finally, I did. The second last group before closing.

 As for the second day, I was seen during a dance call solely for the King and I, the few Asian musicals. I turned up in the morning and holy smoke! 'Where did all the Asians come from?!' Even if they were non Asians that turned up, they REALLY did look Asian! Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Chinese... Think of any yellow skinned ethnicity, there were all there.

This is New York City. Competition is everywhere. Wake up and smell the coffee Yenn!

The audition season just started for summer theatre castings. Are you ready to rumble?

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