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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Picture Updates!

Hi world!

I just thought that I should update you all more using pictures (like how I use to back then when I had more time to actually use my camera). Enjoy!

I've been skyping and it's freaking awesome to still be in touch with people who are FAR FAR away.

I fell in love with make up all over again after watching a bunch of youtube make up star Michelle Phan's videos because I was bored and lonely at home during one of my 'nothing-to-do' days.
The color combination was inspired by my black dress with red and orange flowers.

New Year's Eve getting ready to go out with my rabbit ear muffs!

The weather has been nothing but brutally cold. 
First winter in New York and it has welcomed me with nothing but horrid sharp winds, gross slush and ice.

I have been complaining so much about how wet feet is a huge pet peeve of mine. 
I finally got myself a pair of rainboots! No more worries!
I love stepping in puddles now, just because I could do so :)

I celebrated Chinese New Year with new Malaysian friends and even brought Sammy with me!
Pearly: Everybody has to wear red!
Red for Prosperity, Good Luck and Happiness!
I could use a lot of that right now.

I had REAL YEE SANG for the first time in FOUR freaking years!
In my previous post, I wrote that we had homemade yee sang, and now I finally got to share the real thing with new friends!

I had it every single Chinese New Year since I could eat solid food, never really appreciated it until now.

Chinese New Year is really like Christmas. It has the same value of "Giving is better than receiving".
On the other hand, Chinese can get pretty selfish too because the only reasons they give is because they hope that the more they give, the more they will get in return!
Lol. Just kidding... but this is really what some people think!

Either or, I was extremely happy when ex-room mate Pearly brought out a huge bag of Chinese candy and distributed it to everyone on the dinner table. Thank you Pearly Wurly! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

I realized, every time I meet someone new I would indulge in a different specific type of cuisine.
Over the past years, I have had a lot of  Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian (Just because I am Malaysian myself), Filipino, Greek... 
Now I am stuck in a French and Italian phase.

I made my first risotto with zucchini, bacon and chicken.
I must say, it was pretty damn good :)

Of course, in conjunction of the SUPERBOWL, I had to make Nachos!
Freaking delish!!!

Now I feel like a hypocrite. 
Here I am blogging about losing weight in my previous post, and now I am making all these fatty foods.

We celebrated my dear sister's birthday last weekend.
It took us one whole month to plan it!
I had so many ideas in mind. From cocktails on rooftop bars to a surprise at a fancy restaurant, we finally decided to have a warm and homey surprise party at a friend's place.

The best Chocolate Praline cake for the Best Sister in the world!


Lynn's surprise video (I didn't get to record the beginning of the surprise because the lights were all off and it was too dark. You could see nothing in the video!)

I hope you had a wonderful birthday love.
May you be blessed for this tough year ahead of us. I know you are capable of reaching your highest goal.
I love you. Muah!


More birthday pictures to come!

I took this picture today at work. 
I was at the Hearst Tower overlooking the city of New Jersey.

It looked way better in real life. The picture shows nothing but the concrete jungle.

That's all for now peeps!
Stay tuned for more!

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