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Friday, February 04, 2011

Resolutions. Too late no?

Updates updates.

I've been thinkin'... I need to really start kicking myself in the butt to do something different.
I've been told (by several people in fact) that I am extremely hardworking. Yes. But maybe putting in so much hard work at a different place is not that smart at all. I need to work smart as well as work hard.

Resolutions. Is it too late to have them now that the second month of the year has kicked in?

I will record a vocal track with video included by the end of March.
Holy crap, now that I've put this out there I have to do it.

Second resolution, discipline. I need that. Really do.

Third. Save, save, save! Looks like I might not be able to obtain an Artist visa on time. I am too new in the industry, and although I have professional experiences, they are not enough to back me up. I'll have to go back to dance school come October. Tuition fees. No, not again!
Mom, why am I not born American like Cheryl?

Fourth, I might start a Vlog. Might. We'll see :)


On the other hand, I had an amazing dinner get together with 10 other Malaysians at a Malaysian restaurant at China town :) It's been awhile. I can't recall when was the last time I had Malaysian food before that. Funny that I was so deprived of it that I just chowed down everything I saw. Probably not the smartest idea. Didn't savor the taste enough. Lol.

Come to think about it, China town is just right there! When I was back in Michigan, I had all the excuses of not having to have Malaysian because there was only one Indonesian Malaysian restaurant and you needed a car to get there with. Right now, I can just hop on to the subway downtown and grab a bite whenever. Just too darn lazy.

Stay tuned for pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Summer is coming. I'm so out of shape. I don't even think I can see the world in sleeveless tank tops anymore. Diet!

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