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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sweet Saturday

Yesterday was a crazy day for me. It was a huge audition day and because of that, I had left work early to make sure that I am well rested for the big day. Unfortunately, while my bodied rested itself for 6 hours but my brain was wide awake about 90 percent of the time because I was so anxious that I would not be able to wake up to my 5am alarm. I could hear the sound of the heavy pattering raindrops and loud garbage trucks outside in my sleep. Not the most pleasant thing. But I still managed. 
The adrenaline kept me up and awake after I hopped in the shower, lugged on my uber humongous duffle bag filled with audition essentials like my song folder, dance shoes, make up, water, 2 different audition outfits for the different roles that I will be auditioning for, grabbed a banana and umbrella and made my way to the bus-stop. 

I got to the first audition location. It was 6.20am then. I thought to myself,

"Meh, I'll be so early for this, I might even have to start an unofficial sign up list."


I pulled unto the heavy glass door and came face to face with an extremely long line of other actors signing up for the same audition season. I joined the line and when I finally had the chance to look at the list, I was number 153 at 6.20am for an audition that doesn't begin until 10am.

Wow. I left the building laughing at myself for doing what I am doing. But I wasn't the only one. I was laughing at all of us doing this. Did I mention that it was pouring cats and dogs too?
Seriously, only actors are willing to go this far when it comes to a job. Only actors are willing to devote overtime hours and work for free. Only actors are willing to spend hundreds of dollars for things like headshots, comp cards, websites, and etc. even before being hired. Really, besides people involved in the arts, I don't think anyone else would be willing to give so much before even receiving anything in return.

I wasn't done. After signing up for audition 1, I left, braved the heavy rain and strong winds, hoping my umbrella wouldn't break and made my way to audition number 2.

This time, I was the second girl who had arrived. The building wasn't even open yet. After waiting for a while, a bunch of girls and I just sat on the floor next to the elevator and rested. Before we knew it, one of the girls got a call from her friend who was at audition 1, she said that if we don't get back to audition location 1, the monitors are going to start scratching names off the unofficial list, and all of our efforts of being early would go down the drain. 

Back to audition location UNO.

To cut the LOONNNGGG story short, I literally went from one place to the other at least three times each. This excludes the audition 3 that I was also involved in.

Insane. But I was glad that I got seen for all three of them before lunch time and I had the opportunity to actually head home for an hour nap before going to work at 5pm.


Today was stay home day. And although I live with my sister, I hardly see her because of our opposite busy schedules. So I decided to bake cupcakes for a treat! Yum!

After reading several different recipes online, I decided to create my own version of a Double Choco-Chip Cupcake with Lemon Zest Cream Cheese Frosting.

After slapping on the frosting.
It wasn't as pretty as I envisioned it to be because the texture of the frosting wasn't stiff enough. The only way to make it harden was to add more sugar into it and I didn't want to do it.
No extra calories!

It was nevertheless delish though.
We'll see if the next attempt will look this poopy again. I am tempted to bake another round just so I can get it to look perfect. But I have to tell myself to hold back or else I would blow up like a balloon!

My dear sister who couldn't resist but to bug me saying,
"omg! So cute! Can I try it now?"
"So cute! I wanna try it."
"No, wait till I'm done."
"But. it's so cute"


Okay, now keep them away from me. I don't wanna get fat!

Oh god, two cupcakes and I am having a sugar rush.


izzahnadzri said...

OMG. they're sooo cute. i bet they taste yummy tooo!!! i wanna try! you were my baking partnerr...i miss you :(

*YenN* said...

Hey izzah!
I miss you tooo!!! :(
i might be coming back for a visit though. it all depends if i get cast in the theatre i saugatuck again :P