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Monday, March 21, 2011

Monday Blues... News.

I received three calls from different casting directors that I have auditioned for two weeks ago.

Numero Uno.

I booked a gig as a singer in a known TV Network!
So exciting! I don't want to release the details until I get more information about it. 
Well nothing huge really. I don't wanna think that it's a huge gig with my face featured on screen for 10 straight minutes. I'd rather be surprised with the end product myself ;)

I am just EXTREMELY excited that I will be working with known people in the field and the fact that I am getting paid for my talent! Yay!

Numero Dos.

I want to, need to, have to learn have a FOB *fresh-off-the-boat* accent!
I did an audition for a short film and have finally heard back from the casting director.
Here goes....

I wanted to thank you so much for coming to our callbacks for XYZ. Casting decided to go with another actress. Your acting and chemistry was great with the other actors, and your dancing was by far the most beautiful and touching we had seen throughout the entire 2 week audition process. The casting crew and director decided to go with an actress that had a thick Chinese accent, because ABC is supposed to be new to America. I will definitely keep you in mind for future projects I am working on once XYZ wraps.

Don't get me wrong. I had a lot of fun at the audition but I knew straight off the bat that I would not be cast because I spoke to the other Asian girl aka. my competitor and she really spoke with an FOB accent! Her script was scribbled with Chinese characters representing acting directions! Can't compete with her. 

Like all the other auditions that I have been to, this is another audition practice. A chance to be seen and remembered. Who know's I might be able to do ATM's next short film?
Positive thoughts, positive thoughts.

Numero Tres.

I will be going back to Saugatuck this summer for a theatre gig!

Not the highest paying job, but I get to earn more equity points and I am cast as one of the Cell Block Tango Girls in CHICAGO the Musical! Good old Chicago, I'll never get bored of the show.
I am also looking forward to going back to Michigan to visit old friends and enjoy nature after staying in the city for so long.

Auditions... auditions... auditions...
Let's see if I get seen for the audition tomorrow *cross fingers*

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EmElbee said...

Love that drawing of different Asian faces. Where is it from? Glad to hear about the 2 bookings.