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Monday, March 14, 2011


Hello Monday afternoon,

I am sitting here in a quaint little bakery On the upper east side with tempting French and Japanese Fusion pastries, typing on Sam's iPad while I wait for time to pass before making my 45 minute trip back to midtown to the studio for my callback that I auditioned for this morning. I love days like this. Instead of having to wake up at 4am in the morning to warm up for the audition that I anticipated for a week in advance, I had the luxury of rolling off my bed at 7.30am for a nice warm shower along with my silly annoying crying cat warm ups in the steam and breakfast before heading out with Lynn to the city for an audition.

I got to the audition studio and voila! 8 people. Yay. Today is a good day. No long waits. I guessed right. Like I said in my previous posts. Auditions are a hit or miss in so many ways, some day you may think no one would be in a particular audition, and when you turn up at 9am for the 10am call, the place would packed and you would not even have one percent chance of being seen. Other days like today would be nice, chill, no stress and quick. Even better when you get a call back ;)

Anyway, the reason why I am writing this post is because of the conversation that my sister and I had last night about my blog posts.

"You have so many spelling errors and grammatical mistakes that it makes me squirm in my seat whenever I read something wrong. And it's every sentence! You should read through before you post something."

"I hope people don't read your blog and think that every theatre person writes like you."

Lol. Don't worry, I was not offended. Only family would not hide the truth, what more and Asian big sister who is not afraid to tell you that you are wrong? We're both use to being straight forward to each other.

But yes, it is true. Most of the time I have been blogging through Sam's iPad and mostly in time constrained situations (like now, I have to leave for my callback in 5 minutes!), and because I am usually in such a rush, I don't have time to prove read and correct the words that the iPad think I wanted to write. I might think of a word and my fingers would type something else because it wouldn't be fast enough to keep up with my brain, especially on a touch screen device. Blah blah blah. Excuses. Yes, I know.

I should just get into a habit of prove reading before I post something and not embarrass myself. I may not be a great writer (because if I was, it would be my profession anyways), but I certainly don't doubt my English. I shouldn't make small silly mistakes that make people squirm in their seats while reading.

Lol. Gotta go. Call back time. Wish me luck.


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EmElbee said...

Dazzle them with your footwork, charm them with your voice, command that their eyes follow you with your stage presence! May you kill at this callback. Your English, even with a few errors is still better than 90% of the people in Kentucky, West Virginia and Arkansas. It's a tough language with no hard and fast rules.