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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Will be off...

to rehearsal in a few minutes!

As I was saying in the post before this, I am currently involved in a live network press event. Basically, Oxygen Network. Unfortunately, the production will not be aired on TV because it was mainly for the press. However, I am extremely excited to be in the same room with celebrities and very important people, for once not as a server in an catering event. But as a performer :)

It's funny because of the fact that I am in New York and I work with a catering company, I see celebs all the time! Instead of acting all excited (although I usually would be), I would have to keep my cool and blend in to the rest of the servers wearing our 'communist looking uniforms'. "No taking pictures with the celebs!", our captains would say. Our job is to serve them and then be invisible until they need us.

But yes, I have a bunch of details that I am not quite sure if I am allowed to put out on the internet for now. But please stay tuned as the event will be next Tuesday and I will be carrying my camera with me! :) :) :)

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