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Saturday, March 12, 2011

The Wonder of Auditions

Auditions really are a hit or miss. Some people may beg to decline that fact, but to me it really is.

Some days I would walk in to an audition feeling really crappy and congested, and I would surprise myself by singing beautifully accompanied by the harmonious acoustics of the small tiny studio room. On the other hand, some days I would be perfectly warmed up ready to go, and yet start croaking like and old toad. Even worse, I would be singing the easiest song to play, and the accompanist would just not get the melody and screw up the whole thing for me.

Obviously, it should never ever be the accompanists fault. They are always there to help us and should never ever be taken granted of. I'm just saying because it happens and if they screw you up, they screw you up.

Some days I would be in 3 different auditions packed with people (like my one time being number 153 at 6.30am), and yet I would be seen for all three auditions BEFORE lunch time, which leaves me time to go home and have the rest of the day to myself after literally planning to camp the entire day there.

Yesterday, I got typed out. Meaning, they took in our resume, looked at our headshots and then determined if I should fit the show before hearing me sing. Sometimes, I'd rather have them do that just because I wouldn't have to waste my time waiting all day to the fact that they don't even have their eye on me. Anyways, I got typed out. And honestly if it were any show, I'd be fine because I am so use to rejection.

Yesterday, I got typed out of Miss effing Saigon. Like seriously, ftw?!
I understand that sometimes most roles would have be pre-cast before auditions, but I just felt like I got shot in the face, right in the bridge between my eyes. If I get typed out from Miss Saigon, what the hell would I been typed in for? I feel like I've been rejected by my own kind. After all Miss Saigon is only one of the very few Asian Musicals that exist!

I am still stunned by the fact that I got typed out. Can't believe it at all.
Sigh. I keep telling myself to stay strong and keep on grinding. But what can you do when you hit a wall like this?

Big audition week next week. Please let it be the opposite :(

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EmElbee said...

That really sucks. Better luck next time.