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Friday, April 29, 2011

What's new?

Nothing. Lol.

I am being pushed by SimpleCheryl and DarLynn to post a cover of a song on youtube.
OKAY. Working on it.

I need time.

I wish that there were 36 hours in a day. Of which, I would like to spend 10 of it in bed in dream land.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Bee

I am currently searching for balance in life.
Besides the usually work, and auditions. I am trying to incorporate working out and friends into it.
It is difficult. Most of the time, I wished that I had either 8 days a week or 30 hours a day. Impossible.
The fact that I work such odd times compared to my peers with normal time schedules does nothing but leaves me feeling left out because I am rarely at their fun weekend activities. I either am working then, or I would be recovering from a 9 hour shift til 3am that morning. Meh.

Sometimes I wondered how would it be if I'd just go home and get someone to recommend me, get my foot in the door for a nice job for Astro, or an ad agency, or something. After all, I graduated with honors in my BFA and it is all about connections anyways. Would I be happy?

Anyway, Spring is officially here. I see the trees flowering, April showers, and the heat and humidity in NYC! Gosh, I missed the beautiful dry heat in Michigan. Boy, I am glad that I will be escaping to Saugatuck for 6 weeks!


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

What is your identity?

Whenever people ask me what ethnicity am I, I would automatically say Malaysian without a doubt. Funny thing is that when people get into detail of what and where Malaysia is, I would go the whole nine yards and explain to them that we are a multicultural country, and to be specific, I am ethnically Chinese born in Malaysia. Some people might understand and some might not until I compare myself with African Americans and Asian born Americans. they all call themselves Americans!

The chefs at the restaurant that I work at are Chinese. When I talk to them, they will always call me 'Malai Mei', which meant Malay girl. I would often correct them by saying that I am not a Malay girl, I am Chinese. But they would always go back to the idea that I am a Malaysian.

I was just having a conversation with my sister about this the other day and she said something that struck me. "What a pity for us, we are neither here nor there. What are we?"
Back home the Other ethnic groups and ourselves would always consider us Chinese, overseas, we would say that we are Malaysians, and when you speak to a Chinese from China, he would consider you otherwise.

Why are things always categorized so specifically? Can't I just be Malaysian born Chinese and stay as simple as that?

What are you?


Off to the gym. Burn babeh burn!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Work Out

Started my 2 month gym membership last week.
Hoping that I would get in shape in time for CHICAGO at Saugatuck.
I feel awesome. Less snacking. More fruits.

6 years ago at a cheer camp. Look how tan and scrawny I looked!

Let's see how it will be in a month.


Oxygen Press Event

Yay for time at home to blog about the big event that I did 2 weeks ago! I probably won't be typing as much, I'll just let the pictures do the talking :)

I was at M & I Recording Studio with the rest of the cast to do a prerecording for the show.

I was with the alto group of girls. Carlita and Kelsey, both extremely talented in different ways.

Getting directions from our music director who is also the music director for Broadway's Mamma Mia.



The cast and Wendy (Music Director), gorgeous lady with the red hair :)

The day of. Arrived in the morning for light and sound check. The event was held at Gotham Hall in midtown.

Beautiful gothic inspired chandeliers which reminded me of Phantom of the Opera.  

Majestic columns. I loved the architecture of the building.

A tag to show that we are important! :) 
TALENT-ed. Can I have more please?

Paris Hilton before the event, rehearsing her walk and script upstage.

Wendy, so talented. I wish to work with her again someday in some big Broadway show :)

Muscle men who carried Paris Hilton into the room. 
Their arms are bigger than my face!!!!!

The cast, Denis (choreographer), and Kim (pretty blonde with the pixie haircut on the left- Assistant choreographer) doing the 'ticks'.

Amber (cast), Robert and Alan (who made this happen by casting us!)
Thank you for this experience!!!!!

Denis Jones and I, original choreographer for Legally Blonde the musical.

Out of my ug-lay cotume. I look horrible in my 'Tina from Glee' inspired goth punk look.
Creighton, Richie, Kelsey, Zoey, and I 

Mama Hilton who was an awesome sport that night.

Darren Criss. So talented that I can drool over him.
He looks way better with a little scruff on his face compared to the clean cut Blaine on GLEE.

Teenage Dream. 


Darren Criss and Kathy Hilton partying with us. Once in a lifetime's opportunity I would say.

Here's the full dress rehearsal video again. I didn't have the chance to record the real thing because of copyright reasons. We prerecorded the the background to back ourselves up during the performance just to give ourselves more omph. Don't get me wrong, we were not lip-syncing.
We just wanted it it sound like there were more people singing the 'da-da-das' ;)

Just a city boy,
Born and raised in south Detroit.
He took a midnight train going anywhere.

I always had a sweet spot for this song because I studied in Michigan so it was kinda like an anthem for the locals. Also, I love the lyrics. As cheesy as it may sound.

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'

We do need a reminder to be inspired sometimes.
And this is one of em :)

End of my Oxygen Journey.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I spy with my little eye......

I was at work on Sunday when I was given a task by my manager to spy on the gay bar opposite us because we were incredibly slow. Our boss wanted to know if they were as slow as us. Since it was Sunday, there was only one bartender, a sushi chef, a bar back and I.

The bartender was a flamboyant talkative guy so he was scratched off that mission as he could have been suspected with what he was doing the minute he opened his mouth. The sushi chef was an awkward Chinese guy who doesn't speak English at all. Bar back, worked there for years. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that he worked with us. Then it came down to me.

"I want you to spy on ABC, to see how they are doing. DO NOT talk to ANYONE."

"Oh crap. Must I really do this? Can't I just stay here and work?"

My manager told me to put on my coat and waved me goodbye.

I was pretty annoyed that night. First of all, it was slow all night, I didn't make any money at all. Then, I had to do this stupid spying job, which is definitely not included in my work. Some people might be happy with the offer of being able to drink on a shift. Yes, I would but since it was slow all freaking day, now you are asking me to buy myself a drink with my own money too?
Seriously? Really?

I had no say. After all, I am working.

I can't explain how awkward it felt for be to be sitting at a bar by myself at a gay bar. I tried being engrossed in my phone as I texted my sister and room mate about what was going on just to look like I am busy waiting for someone. See, if I were in a straight bar, I would have felt more normal because I would stick out like a sore thumb in a room full of meaty gay boys.

The last thing before I left the restaurant, my manager warned me not to talk to anybody. The first person at the bar who greeted me apparently was my college senior all the way from Michigan! How small can the world be?! He asked what was I doing there and if I lived around the area (he clearly knew I was straight), I just told him that I wanted a drink. The sweetheart bought me my first drink.
I thought to myself, "Crap, now I have to buy another from him because he bought my first." And I was not planning to get beyond tipsy! What should I do?! 

I can't afford to buy another drink, I was lucky enough that I had a free one already.
I tipped him $5 for giving me a free drink, told him that I will be back (I lied), and left. I felt like a douche.

And then, I continued working for 2 hours at a slow restaurant. How exciting huh.

Living in New York. Ugh. So glamorous. I will be working for 18 hours for 2 different jobs tomorrow.
I am scared.

Saturday, April 09, 2011

Performance Videos!

Hey all!!!

I've been extremely busy with work and I don't even have the time to blog!
Here's a video of the performance that I was involved with on Monday. Do enjoy and comment if you like!

I'll post more pictures and get into more details some time next week ;)

Off to rehearsal!

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

For once in my life...

I feel like someone special.

Not that I am ungrateful for what I am already blessed with. But since I moved here, yes I have attended events with celebrities, I've seen a famous person walking by me, but never in my life I was acknowledged my famous people.

Now that the event is over, I can finally talk about what I have been involved in for the past week. Due to the fact that this even was a highly confidential thing for the press, after signing the contract, I was not allowed to talk about it and was only allowed to share it with my close friends and family whom I am so happy to have because I would not have any outlet without them. The uprising cable network aka. Oxygen Network hired us a performers representing the new TV series 'The Glee Project', basically an American Idol version for the 'Search of the Next Glee Star' type thing. 

Lol, don't get too excited. No, I am not in that show, I didn't audition for it. Anyway, this event is basically for the press and advertisers to buy TV time from the network. It was such an exciting time working with all the people involved. I managed to work with well known directors, managers, network people, and most importantly, meet celebrities and have them say, 'great job, you were amazing!'

The best feeling about performing is always the adrenaline rush during the performance and the satisfaction that comes after it. This was probably the biggest thing that I have gotten myself in. While typing this, I am still stoked and am in wonderland dreaming if this is real.

Unfortunately, I didn't get a video of the actual performance because of copyright reasons and there was no one there to record for me. Boo. However, I have a recording of our dress rehearsal that I will upload soon :)

Darren Criss and I(^.^)

He has such amazing talent! A multi instrumentalist Filipino mixed Irish with an amazing voice. Not only he was humble, he was extremely funny and charming. I felt like such a dork when I kept asking if I could take a picture with him. Gosh, how embarrassing.
Honestly speaking, I have always watched GLEE and never in my life thought that he was attractive. Yeah, he was talented. But he was just okay.
Well, I guess I changed my mind.
I told him that I went to the bastard child version of University Michigan. Lol.
He was like, "Well, it's cool. I am from California."
Darren Criss, you are so amazing and I am blown away.

Here's Paris Hilton. She said she loved my Gleeked out hair :)
I obviously was star struck and told her she was gorgeous.
Gosh, 30 year old and she was prettier than ever in real life.
Obviously as you can see, I am twice her size and a head shorter than her without heels. 

More to come!!!
Stay tuned.

Friday, April 01, 2011