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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Busy Bee

I am currently searching for balance in life.
Besides the usually work, and auditions. I am trying to incorporate working out and friends into it.
It is difficult. Most of the time, I wished that I had either 8 days a week or 30 hours a day. Impossible.
The fact that I work such odd times compared to my peers with normal time schedules does nothing but leaves me feeling left out because I am rarely at their fun weekend activities. I either am working then, or I would be recovering from a 9 hour shift til 3am that morning. Meh.

Sometimes I wondered how would it be if I'd just go home and get someone to recommend me, get my foot in the door for a nice job for Astro, or an ad agency, or something. After all, I graduated with honors in my BFA and it is all about connections anyways. Would I be happy?

Anyway, Spring is officially here. I see the trees flowering, April showers, and the heat and humidity in NYC! Gosh, I missed the beautiful dry heat in Michigan. Boy, I am glad that I will be escaping to Saugatuck for 6 weeks!


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