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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I spy with my little eye......

I was at work on Sunday when I was given a task by my manager to spy on the gay bar opposite us because we were incredibly slow. Our boss wanted to know if they were as slow as us. Since it was Sunday, there was only one bartender, a sushi chef, a bar back and I.

The bartender was a flamboyant talkative guy so he was scratched off that mission as he could have been suspected with what he was doing the minute he opened his mouth. The sushi chef was an awkward Chinese guy who doesn't speak English at all. Bar back, worked there for years. Everyone in the neighborhood knew that he worked with us. Then it came down to me.

"I want you to spy on ABC, to see how they are doing. DO NOT talk to ANYONE."

"Oh crap. Must I really do this? Can't I just stay here and work?"

My manager told me to put on my coat and waved me goodbye.

I was pretty annoyed that night. First of all, it was slow all night, I didn't make any money at all. Then, I had to do this stupid spying job, which is definitely not included in my work. Some people might be happy with the offer of being able to drink on a shift. Yes, I would but since it was slow all freaking day, now you are asking me to buy myself a drink with my own money too?
Seriously? Really?

I had no say. After all, I am working.

I can't explain how awkward it felt for be to be sitting at a bar by myself at a gay bar. I tried being engrossed in my phone as I texted my sister and room mate about what was going on just to look like I am busy waiting for someone. See, if I were in a straight bar, I would have felt more normal because I would stick out like a sore thumb in a room full of meaty gay boys.

The last thing before I left the restaurant, my manager warned me not to talk to anybody. The first person at the bar who greeted me apparently was my college senior all the way from Michigan! How small can the world be?! He asked what was I doing there and if I lived around the area (he clearly knew I was straight), I just told him that I wanted a drink. The sweetheart bought me my first drink.
I thought to myself, "Crap, now I have to buy another from him because he bought my first." And I was not planning to get beyond tipsy! What should I do?! 

I can't afford to buy another drink, I was lucky enough that I had a free one already.
I tipped him $5 for giving me a free drink, told him that I will be back (I lied), and left. I felt like a douche.

And then, I continued working for 2 hours at a slow restaurant. How exciting huh.

Living in New York. Ugh. So glamorous. I will be working for 18 hours for 2 different jobs tomorrow.
I am scared.


deming said...

you miss the ending of the story...what did you find on your mission???

*YenN* said...

LOL. Yeah, they were busier than us. doesn't really matter. Not like we can do anything anyways ;)