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Monday, April 18, 2011

Oxygen Press Event

Yay for time at home to blog about the big event that I did 2 weeks ago! I probably won't be typing as much, I'll just let the pictures do the talking :)

I was at M & I Recording Studio with the rest of the cast to do a prerecording for the show.

I was with the alto group of girls. Carlita and Kelsey, both extremely talented in different ways.

Getting directions from our music director who is also the music director for Broadway's Mamma Mia.



The cast and Wendy (Music Director), gorgeous lady with the red hair :)

The day of. Arrived in the morning for light and sound check. The event was held at Gotham Hall in midtown.

Beautiful gothic inspired chandeliers which reminded me of Phantom of the Opera.  

Majestic columns. I loved the architecture of the building.

A tag to show that we are important! :) 
TALENT-ed. Can I have more please?

Paris Hilton before the event, rehearsing her walk and script upstage.

Wendy, so talented. I wish to work with her again someday in some big Broadway show :)

Muscle men who carried Paris Hilton into the room. 
Their arms are bigger than my face!!!!!

The cast, Denis (choreographer), and Kim (pretty blonde with the pixie haircut on the left- Assistant choreographer) doing the 'ticks'.

Amber (cast), Robert and Alan (who made this happen by casting us!)
Thank you for this experience!!!!!

Denis Jones and I, original choreographer for Legally Blonde the musical.

Out of my ug-lay cotume. I look horrible in my 'Tina from Glee' inspired goth punk look.
Creighton, Richie, Kelsey, Zoey, and I 

Mama Hilton who was an awesome sport that night.

Darren Criss. So talented that I can drool over him.
He looks way better with a little scruff on his face compared to the clean cut Blaine on GLEE.

Teenage Dream. 


Darren Criss and Kathy Hilton partying with us. Once in a lifetime's opportunity I would say.

Here's the full dress rehearsal video again. I didn't have the chance to record the real thing because of copyright reasons. We prerecorded the the background to back ourselves up during the performance just to give ourselves more omph. Don't get me wrong, we were not lip-syncing.
We just wanted it it sound like there were more people singing the 'da-da-das' ;)

Just a city boy,
Born and raised in south Detroit.
He took a midnight train going anywhere.

I always had a sweet spot for this song because I studied in Michigan so it was kinda like an anthem for the locals. Also, I love the lyrics. As cheesy as it may sound.

Don't stop believin'
Hold on to that feelin'

We do need a reminder to be inspired sometimes.
And this is one of em :)

End of my Oxygen Journey.

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EmElbee said...

Holy Fecking Moley! Now THIS is a blog entry to end all blog entries. Thank you, Miss Ng.