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Friday, May 27, 2011


After a long few weeks of feeling like a low down clown (due to over working myself and other personal stress factors), I finally feel like I can breathe again. I felt inspired from not doing anything but watching great youtube performances, and even at work.

I was at my job the other day at the Natural History Museum working as a butler for an Arts Connection event. As usual, we would be setting up the event, working the reception, bringing out plated dinners and wines while we watch the event unfold itself amongst the elegantly dressed, beautifully decorated room and bright candles. Besides the fact that we are paid good money to be someone else's bitch, we get to attend important events, see celebrities, sometimes try great food.... well while being a butler of course. But anyway, during the event while they were giving out awards, my attention was caught by the last name of the recipient. She bore the same last name as I do (NG), and how often do you get to see/hear someones last name with only two letters and no vowels?
As they introduced her, I quickly found out that she was Malaysian. My ears pricked up as I listened to her speech of how she grew up in Klang and her journey of getting this far in her career. I was determined to talk to her (speaking to important people at parties are against the company rule by the way). But how often do I get to meet a Malaysian in the States, let alone a dancer too?!

After the event was over (while I was passing out fortune cookies), I walked up to her and told her that I am a Malaysian and I am a poor struggling artist. She too was surprised to see me (like I said, how often do you see a Malaysian in this field?) She told me, "Keep trying. anything is possible in New York. Keep trying, it will happen soon."

Wow. I felt so inspired. I hope it does happen soon.

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