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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

I am blogging because...

I have the time to :)

I don't remember when was the last time I had nothing to do. Back in New York, I would always be either working, auditioning, going to work, going to an audition, meeting up with friends (because I hardly see them), or trying to do something. Now that I am in Saugatuck, I only have one thing to focus on. Rehearsal. Well, besides the fact that I wake up in the morning at 7am to go to the gym at 7.30, really there isn't much to do besides, hang out. Then again, it's been only day one for rehearsals and we only worked on music so far (which is the easiest part), I have a feeling that we would be dancing till we can't walk by the end of this week!

Since I have been trying to save on money, I spent 120 bucks just on groceries yesterday. I know, 120 bucks! My sis was asking me if I bought myself a plane ticket with that money. Well, I bought essentials like olive oil, bread, peanut butter, and other healthy stuff. Really, its not easy trying to eat healthy :(
On the other hand, not eating out at all for the next week sounds pretty nice to me. Also, easy for me to stick on a less fattening diet comparing to a hamburger and fries.

However, the fact that I have so much time on my hands and that I am packing lunch and eating in for dinner, I just wanna cook! Unfortunately, cooking for myself would be expensive. Maybe the next grocery shopping? Then I'll get to buy chicken and real food!!!

Okay, random. I know. Just wanted to say hey :)

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