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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A lil trip

to Kalamazoo on my day off!!

This trip was spontaneous. I was lucky enough to hitch a ride from one of my room mates who was returning to Kalamazoo to see some friends. Although it was a very short meet up (literally only one and a half hours), I am happy that I actually made it :)
Can wait to see you guys again!!!

Meanwhile, rehearsals have been gong on well. We finally finished all of our dance numbers for the show. I love that I am so physically active compared to being in New York. Then again, I can't complain. I would be busy making money in the city, where else I am just focusing on my art here. Dancing and working out everyday makes me sore to the bone but hell yeah it feels great!

Photo shoot tomorrow! I need my beauty sleep!


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