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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Summer days...

Since the show opened, I have been a little lazy about being productive because of the long 12 hour rehearsal periods right before the show. After opening night, I felt like I needed to give my body some 'chill time', although that was not an excuse to skip gym days.

However, we got back to the routine today. And miraculously, it was extremely productive!!!!
After a great workout at the gym this morning, a couple friends and I decided to check out the Tunnel Beach at Holland which was recommended by a friend of mine when I visited Kalamazoo a two days ago. Although we had to pay $4 for the parking permit, it was well worth it because we were dying for the beach. I mean, how can one not when we have been here for a month now and we still have to visited the beaches yet!

We were greeted by a mini dune that we chose to climb instead of taking the staircase.
Don't be fooled by it, dunes are NOT easy to climb. It would be easier if I was barefoot and had no bag to carry, but the sand was so hot that I had to keep my flipflops on.

My sweet room mate Maddy and I after climbing up the dune.
Tunnel Park beach right behind us.

I was surprised that the beach was a little crowded on a week day.
Then again, it's summer :)

How can one not resist to take silly pictures by the beach?!


Although this has nothing to do with today, I just had to post this picture up because I got so excited when I found that my bill was only $13.10 for a delicious signature salad and two super yummy martinis!!!
You can never find this price in NYC. 
I love Old Burdick's on half off Sundays!!!!!!!

Oh, I also had to post this picture up.
I spent the weekend over in Kalamazoo with the great hospitality of IzzahOng who literally gave me her entire studio apartment during the stay. I arrived really late, got the keys from her, and found this letter on the bed.
So adorable. Muah!!

I love summer in Michigan!!!!!

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