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Monday, June 06, 2011

Welcome to...

West Michigan.

After a tiring four hour long journey, I smiled to myself as I dragged my 50 pound check-in luggage and a carry-on roller bag (that Cheryl lend to me) to the waiting area ready to be picked up by a familiar face whom I have worked with for the past two summers at the theatre. I know that it is all in my head, but then the air smelt crisp, fresher than the polluted city's.
As we drove from Grand Rapids to Holland (where I am housing at), something else familiar greeted me. A whiff of stink. The smell of skunk! Haha! You may hold your nose when you walk past dog poop in the city but never the smell of skunk.

Double confirmation, I am back Michigan!

I am the first to arrive among the 12 people who are staying at this duplex. 6 Girls and 6 guys. Woohoo... Let's hope this does not turn into a drama filled house. I am always skeptical of living with too many people. The more people, the more drama.

I am here now. Too lazy to pack. Rolled around in bed for more than an hour and I still can't sleep. Ugh.

Also, I just realized that I forgot my face wash. Meh.

But... I am looking forward to this summer adventure!

Ok... need to sleep. Bye.

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