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Friday, July 15, 2011

3 more shows to go!

I love this production and I would very much do anything to being this back to NYC to live my life as I continue to perform in one of my favorite musicals. 3 more shoes to go and although this production has been a little inconsistent musically (yes, the band has tempo issues), I must say that I am very sad to leave.
I'll be making the best out of it!

Billy Flynn played by Christopher Carl and the girls.

I'll be getting more pictures and I will shore them with you soon!!!!!!

On the other hand, I am going to miss Michigan so much!!! After being in the concrete jungle for a year, nature is a breath of fresh air and I'll be sad to leave the beautiful clear blue skies, the green pastures, and the cow dung and skunk smells.

I climbed Mount Baldhead and here's the view over looking one of Michigan's most beautiful views, Oval Beach!
I also must say that, I look really happy over there after climbing up at least 400 very steep staircases. I remember encouraging myself by saying, "Okay, you have not been to the gym today. This will be your workout."
Yup, my butt and hamstrings were sore as hell the next day :) 
This is the view after a 20 minute trail in the woods to the beach.

View of Saugatuck from the top of Mt Baldhead's steep staircases.

More stairs at Laketown Township Park!

Of course, I had to be the stereotypical Asian.
"Please..... I want a picture with me in it!"

My travel buddy, Sammy :)

I'll update more I promise!
Hugs & Kisses

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EmElbee said...

What a charming collection of photos and commentary! More?