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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

I just came to say Hello

and Goodbye.

I love it when I have friends who visit. But after hanging out a lot like back-in-the-days, it's hard to say good bye. One down. Two more to go. Please come back soon for I will miss you as much as you will miss this city and the people who love you here.

Heart you guys.

Also, a BLESSED 23rd BIRTHDAY shoutout to my roomie SimpleCheryl.

Thank you dear for all the support and love you have given me. 
All the best in everything ahead of your this year.
Wear em heels, and rock on the world babe.
Love you like a fat kid loves cake.


~Weekend updates~

As for those who knew that the East coast got hit by Hurricane Irene, yes we all survived. The MTA (major transit system in NYC) was shut down for the first time, people were forced to load up on food, water, and flash lights, some had to evacuate due to the flooding. One of the most epic natural disasters and I am glad that it was not as bad as it was speculated to be. Although places like Virginia and South Carolina was hit bad, thank God everything was okay here in NYC. I guess, better safe than sorry. 

Till then, I caught a bug. Hopefully I can sleep it off and feel no pressure in my ear and my head tomorrow. That's if I can sleep through tonight with my stuffed up nose and not snore. Meh.


Thursday, August 25, 2011

A New England Weekend

I've been away. Didn't really have anything to blog about and I finally, finally had a summer vacation. (Saugatuck was kinda for work...)

Time flew. I finally realized that I have been missing out on salt water beaches for more than 6 years already. I have enjoyed the Midwest's Great Lakes since moving to Michigan, and at first it was an amazing feeling not having to worry about my sticky tangled hair after dipping in the water. No broken seashells to step on or mushy seaweed to avoid.

When Sam invited me over to his parent's summer home in Cape Cod, I jumped unto this opportunity without realizing that this 3 night vacation would be a breath of fresh air. Literally :)

First stop, Province Town

I loved this quaint little vacation town. It's just like Saugatuck with a New England twist.
And as usual, I always love gay towns because they always have great food and entertainment.
Apparently, they appreciate life more. And I agree to that.

Little shops with painted walls

Very New England. I like!

Quaint shops with quaint looking things. Always fun.

Look at how beautiful the sky is :)
I love the smell of the salted air.

Look at how pretty it is! I couldn't stop taking pictures.


So yes, since I was in an New England town and I've heard so much about Lobster Rolls, I went on a Lobster Roll hunt.

Here's my lunch. Basically Lobster flesh tossed with mayo, tomato slices and lettuce. 
Simple like that. Fresh. And so darn good.


Cape Cod

I went sailing on the Nantucket Sands!!

Heading out, passing by pretty houses

Here's Eric and I at the end of the sail boat.

I had my fair share in sailing it :)
It was suppose to storm that day. Thank God it didn't because it was the perfect weather for sailing. The North wind was on our side and we had nice calm waves.

The Walkers :)

There were other sail boats out that day too. This was how ours looked like!

After sailing, while waiting for Mr & Mrs Walker to mount their sail boat named WhimSea

Lunch at Sesuit Harbor Cafe! Guess what I had?

Lobster Buoys hanging all over the outsides of the cafe. 

More Lobster Rolls!!
This time it came with homemade fries and coleslaw. 
Apparently, the best in the town of Cape Cod. definitely better than the one I had the day before. 

Cape Cod Canal from where we were eating outdoors.

The crew

Short trip. I want more!!!!! Summer's ending soon.

I probably gained 5 pounds and 2 shades darker from this trip itself. No regrets!
Now.... stop eating.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

What's cookin' lately?

A lot of girl time with my favorites :)

At Emelia's place in Hoboken

At a club in Midtown

Couple more weeks till September and we'll start rollin'!!

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I'm broke because I just paid half of my dance tuition, which is most of my bank savings.
I'm jobless because it's summer so my catering job is slow.
I'm trying to stay home because I am poor as hell. But it's summer, so staying home doesn't make you feel better about life.


What to do when you are a poor person living in New York?