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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mum's Treat!

Hey all, sorry for neglecting this blog. It's been a while. So many things happened and sometimes I just get too lazy to get into detail when it comes to blogging. I also have lost my mojo in blogging so putting whatever that's in my head to words is tougher for me. As you can see, there is no structure in my words. 

This is why I am not an English major :)

This time I decided to blog to update Daddykins that is stuck in Bangladesh because he is too busy to get off work to join our crazy mother. But's its ok, we think of you all the time Dad :)

Here's some updates.

We visited Mitsuwa at Edgewater New Jersey. It's is basically a Japanese supermarket with a food court. 
It's literally 10 minutes away by car from our house, but because it is in Jersey, transportation is less convenient compared to New York. So it takes a way longer time to get there.

I met mum and Lynn after my 9am Ballet class and it was raining monkeys and donkeys.
I guess nothing can stop us when it comes to good food.

Last Thursday, we visited the High Line Park.
The High Line was originally an old subway line constructed in the 30's.
The abandoned train line is now one of New York's beautiful parks on the West Side.

It runs from along 14th street to 30th street. 
There was definitely better views other than this picture. In fact this silly shot does do the High Line any justice. I was just being lazy about taking pictures because I was extremely tired from two technique classes in the morning and I was saving my energy for two more after my break time at the park.

No fret! I still got a picture of the two ladies.

The elevator on 14th street to the park.

Lynn was cooling her feet on the watered stone tile. 

Yesterday despite the 100% chance of rain, Kevin invited us and a bunch of his friends to his place for a BBQ on his roof. Thank goodness he listened to his gut instinct beside me questioning him if it's really gonna happen. Not a single drop. I guess you should have faith eh?
Stupid weather dot com. You can never predict the weather.

Super oily faces from working my burger grilling skills.
Lynn, Cheryl, and I

As you can tell, Kevin is a ladies man :)
This picture was right after I walked into a bunch of Christmas lights that was hanging around while I was setting up the self-timer for the camera. I literally almost strangled myself as everyone watched me make a fool out of myself.
It does create the best picture though. Everyone's smile was organic. XD

It was so hot and humid yesterday, I couldn't resist myself with the last moments of feeling like it's summer. Of course I had to paint em nails like skittles. You can't do it in the fall anymore :(

*Smile smile smile*

And as usual, I have to show how much of a bad ass I am just for giggles.

So, I don't know if you people know about this competition that Cheryl, Lynn, and I took part in.
probably not, because I am so bad at updating my blog.
Anyway, we were part of the Spot Dessert Bar photo competition. 
Basically we take a picture of ourselves with the dessert that we order from the restaurant, and we upload it on facebook. The picture with the most 'likes' wins a $50 gift card.

Guess what?
We won! A total of 90 likes!
Second place had only 40... hehehe...
So we decided to claim our $50 worth of desserts yesterday.

I love Spot dessert bar.
This is only the second time I've tried it's tapas because I've always been too poor to enjoy it.
It was amazing :)
I only have 3 good pictures out of the 5 tapas we had. But 3's better than none eh?

White Miso Semifreddo which had a hint of saltiness.
Had the most likes.

Yuzu Eskimo
My personal favorite. It was tangy and a little sour.

Lemongrass Pavlova.
Love the meringue consistency!
Cheryl said it reminded her of a macaron.

Since mum arrived, we've been having great home cooked meals too.
Lynn cooked, mum cooked, I cooked.... how often do we get all that in a week?!
I barely even eat at home last time because of work and rehearsals.
I like! :)

Picture of the day.
Mum specifically asked me to email this picture to Daddykins.
She said that you'll be happy to see the 3 women in you life together and happy :)

3 more days till MummyDearest flies off. 
Boo :(

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