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Thursday, September 01, 2011

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This month is a crucial month for me. Well, every month is but this particular month signifies a new beginning in certain ways just because I feel like I am entering into another chapter of my life.

1. I am back to being a student.
I enrolled myself in a short six month dance course. Hopefully my techniques will improve (which I am sure of), since I will be taking freaking 11 classes a week, which rounds up to about 17 hours of physical classes per week! Oooo... I'm so excited!! :)

2. I am on the process of applying for a visa. 
I just submitted my papers to the attorney yesterday. We'll see what happens. Ugh, thinking about it makes my tummy churn.

3. I am in dire need to lose weight. 
Yes I know, I have gained about 20 pounds since I moved to the States. I just started a food journal, keeping track of everything that I put in my body. Also, with the 11 dance classes a week, I hope that I reach my happy medium. Honestly, I don't care about the numbers on the scale, I just want to feel good for myself. Plus, if I am fat now, imagine how much of a pig will I become in 10 years after having kids! =.=

4. I have no money. Empty!
Since I am back being a student, with such a tight school schedule, it gives me very little time to work. Well, I am not suppose to work anyway since I am technically an International Student. So as for now, I am running on extreme low savings. Not to mention that I just paid the attorney AND my tuition fees out of my precious savings from last year. I am technically broke!!
Started my spending journal too. Let's see how much I spend in the month of September!!

5. The Play
Rehearsals just started with the dance-drama production that I am involved in. The producer's reading will be at the end of the month, which will determine where will the play go in the future. If everything goes well, we'll be opening the show on Broadway in February. Hence, I gotta buck up and make my parents and myself proud. :)
*I know mom and dad, that chunk of money that you spend on my education better be worth it right?!*

Life change much? Hell yeah, and I am in and ready for the ride!

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EmElbee said...

Bravo! Sounds like you're making a lot of good choices. Tough kid.