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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Till next year..

Time flies...
Two and a half weeks ago, Lynn and I were talking about how should we plan our busy schedule to accommodate mum's arrival to NYC. Lynn and I had recently started our semester and we were worried that we wouldn't have enough time to bring her around because it is not easy travelling around using the subways without any knowledge on the system or the iPhone to tell you where to go. 

Honestly, I really enjoyed your stay here. 
Besides the typical constant nagging (yeah, she saved that year long nagging since see saw us, and released it the moment she saw us), I had loads of fun just doing nothing after class, sipping on coffee, getting motherly advises about love and life.

Glad that you had fun with my friends.

So cute!

Hope to see you soon MummyDearest. 
And please drag dad along with you here for next year :)

Love you.

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