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Sunday, October 02, 2011

Food for thought

1. I like the cold only when I have a scarf and a warm sweater.

2. Been feeling like I want to have a bunch of cocktails with the framily and go karaoke after.
(I know, I am 23 and have still yet to do that. #epicfail)

3. Rainy days leave me nostalgic. Wait no, I just wanna lay in bed.

4. Why do I love food? See, if I don't I would lose all that weight right?

5. I love dance. Too bad I become a live dancing hippo in ballet class.

6. When will I be able to go back to Malaysia again?

7. I have been wondering about who will attend my wedding and/or funeral if I had either one of the tomorrow. (Don't worry, I still love life.)

8. Dear life, where will I be in a year? Three years? Maybe five?

9. I have been craving a lot of ice cream.

10. Someone told me that I look like a cookie face. And then he proceeds to tell me that my eyes look like oreos.

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