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Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

I had an amazing Thanksgiving weekend. A super long weekend I must say. I was on vacation from Wednesday through Sunday! No doubt the best Thanksgiving I've had since I've been here.

Pretty turkey out from the oven.
Picture was taken by my dear sister who accompanied me to the Walker's residence.
This was turkey numero uno.
There was a second turkey just in case the hungry crowd of 26 didn't have enough.

A family affair.
Sam helping his parent's draining the turkey juice to make turkey gravy.
The best I've ever had!

Making really good turkey gravy is like making really good risotto.
It requires very little skill but a lot of time and patience stirring and stirring so that it doesn't stick tot he bottom of the pan. Well worth it. 

H'orderves before the 4.30pm Thanksgiving dinner.
This was only half of the variety! 
Hummus, babaganoush, smoked salmon, cream cheese, greek dip, white tuna salad, roasted tomatoes, crudites, fresh mushrooms... So much food!!
I had to consciously remind myself that I have to save room for the actual dinner and desserts!

Funny thing is...
We got so excited come dinner time, we forgotten to take a picture of the amount of food that was served.


But obviously, we had the usual Thanksgiving menu.

Turkey, homemade mushroom stuffing, homemade cranberry relish, homemade turkey gravy, mash potatoes, french beans, mashed rutabagas (mmm.. soo darn good), creamed onions, and etc.

Fortunately, Lynn got to snap a picture of our dessert table :)

Heavenly ain't it.
Homemade pumpkin pie, homemade whipped cream,apple cranberry pie, apple crumble, lil 11 year old Maddie's vanilla and chocolate frosted Oreos, vanilla ice-cream, chocolate cake, an assortment of cheesecakes, coffee, and prosecco.

Seriously, how can you NOT get fat?!

Sam Pants and I during the turkey dinner

Big sis Darlynn and I at the dining room after dinner.

The night was filled with laughter, card games, music, and love. A true family occasion.
I felt loved :)

We spent the next couple of days eating glorious leftovers, bonding with the family over more card games, wine, and music. Thank goodness for the great weather, we were able to go for a pleasant walk in the woods to the river, and take fun pictures.

The lil river that we saw during our walks. So pretty and peaceful.

Lil Maddie and I stretching our limbs

Pretending to be a graceful dancer :)
Look how beautiful the weather was!

Lynn who took most of the pictures, playing with Jupi.

I wish I had more pictures. Looks like we gotta make that up the next holiday.

I am thankful of where I am right now.
I am thankful of having the chance to pursue what I love despite how difficult it is.
I am thankful that I am surrounded by the people that I love and love me.
I am thankful for the support I have from everyone.
I am thankful to be alive.

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving 2011.


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