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Friday, December 09, 2011


Hey all!

I feel like I have never actually blogged about my auditions. Weird because that is what I do.
There's a saying that an actor's job is not to act. It is to go for auditions. Acting is the playing part of the job.
So true, many times the audition process is harder than the actual gig!


I had an audition this week. Well, yesterday.
It's been a while since I auditioned because things were pretty slow (audition season is usually between January-March). Last week I was browsing through playbill and auditions for Miss Saigon caught my eye. I had to catch my breath for a second just because it is not often that I see an audition for a show that is perfect for me. *I can hear it call my name!*

I quickly jotted the date down in my calendar, and planned the song that I would sing.
I told myself that I have to do this perfectly, I want it so damn bad. It is my dream show. My dream role.

Mind you, I have not been to a Miss Saigon audition in the city just because there were always so many people and I couldn't never get seen! How annoying right? I even got typed out of it once. Can you believe it?!

So I woke up at 5am in the morning yesterday (I had warned my room mates that they were gonna hear my cat wailing warm ups), went into the steaming shower, and belted my face off for 50 minutes. I know. Poor room mates. It really sucks to have paper thin walls, but I have no choice. This is my job. When I make more money, I'll get a place that is sound proof. But until then...

I hopped on a bus at 6.10am and got to the audition building at 6.30am. See, in the past, during the audition season, I would be at the door at bloody 7am and I would be number 173!!! So I made sure I left early this time. I was desperate to be seen. As I walked in the door, I was greeted by a friendly receptionist, telling me that I would not be able to enter the building until 8am. Crap. However, instead of letting me wait out in the cold, he offered to let me sit at the back of the building, right by the freight elevator. Awkward, but I had no choice, I didn't want to wait out in the cold.

Thankfully, I brought different reading materials or else I would die of boredom. I remembered waiting in full make up, heels, and no books, no internet on my phone for my first equity audition in the city. I waited for 8 whole hours, and did not get seen! Never again. So I learned through experience. This time, I rolled out of bed, got in the shower, and headed straight there with no make up, looking like a zombie.

I finally made my way into the waiting room. I was the first to arrive. Obviously, there were no other crazy psychos like me to get there at 6.30am since this was only for Miss Saigon. The competition has already been cut in half by the fact that all the female roles are Asian besides one of the lead roles.

At 9.10am, they called out the names of the equity ladies who have signed in. They got in line, and went in for their audition. I was part of the non equity call because I am only an equity membership candidate (I have not received enough points yet), I was second in line for the non equity group (because some sore loser jumped line). But as long as I know that I would be seen, I was fine. Wasn't about to ruin my mood by being calculative.

I finally went in the audition room, gave my music to the accompanist, introduced myself, and sang my 16 bar cut from a cabaret song. The casting director leaned over to the director and whispered something and and then asked me if I had another song, something beltier. Then he said, something for Kim (the lead role). I then sang her big ballad, they told me to stay to dance, I left the room feeling all my nerves in my fingers and toes.

The dance part of the audition went extremely well. I was always terrified with dance auditions because I may be a great mover but I never consider myself a dancer. I guess my 3 months of dancing 16 hours a week paid off. I felt confident in my leotard, tights, and heels as we learned a short technical combination. We were separated into groups of 4 and took turns performing the combination that we just learned.
After they released the girls, while getting back into normal clothes, the casting director called 4 girls (including me) back to the audition room to dance individually. I guess that's a great sign right?

Dance auditions look like this!

It is one of the best auditions that I've had since moving to the city. There wasn't too many people, I took my time, I wasn't sick. It just felt extremely good.

I feel that even if I don't get to work with this theatre company, I am still satisfied because I gave my all and they have seen the best I could give. No regrets.
However, cross your fingers for me. I really want this!


EmElbee said...

Yaaaay for the Yenn!
Sounds great.

Laura said...

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!