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Sunday, December 18, 2011

You and I

Hey everyone!

One week to Christmas!! Super excited! :)
I just got back from the Candle-Light Service at the Riverside Church on the Upper West Side, had dinner with the family and am feeling super duper Christmassy now. It must be the candles and the carols... and the cookies I baked yesterday!

I love this time of the year. It makes me feel like doing two completely different things:

1. Curl up in the warmest pajamas and coziest blanket with candles, cookies, hot chocolate, and someone to cuddle with.
2. Dress up in the prettiest party dress (yes,the one the hides your winter fats) for a night out with your favorite people in the world, flutes of prosecco, hor'dourves on a silver tray, chocolate, and Christmas carols.

I know, contrasting. But doesn't it sound tempting? :)

Anyways, here's a short video of a cover of Lady Gaga's YOU and I.


Feel free to share and comment!

Cheers and stay warm!

1 comment:

EmElbee said...

-- Very glad that you've go a lot of friends and family around you at this time of year. Yes, the Riverside Church is fantastic. Breathtaking organ (mostly designed by Virgil Fox in the 50s and 60s).
-- Your performance of You and I was very warm. You really know how to bring off a tune and how to connect with your audience.
-- Like everyone else, I wish the best holiday season for you.
-- Bill Jones