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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dragon Year

One of the best Chinese New Years since coming to the States. Chinese New Year is a huge event for us. In Michigan, my friends and I would drive 3 hours to Chicago just to get a decent Asian meal or we would have dinner parties at a friend's place.

This year, besides having the typical night before Chinese New Year Framily dinner, a Malaysian friend whom we got to know invited us over to his apartment to celebrate the New Year with his family. Stepping into his house brought me back to the times when we were in Malaysia. Yes, we always celebrated Chinese New Year, but it was different without family.

Day before Chinese New Year

Mum would be pestering everyone to clean the house. Last minute laundry, dusting of windows, tables, making sure everything is clean and spotless. Oooo!! And last minute Shopping! I always had brand new clothes for the first three days of Chinese New Year.
Family dinner at our Grandparent's place (mum's side). My grandmother makes the best home cooked food. Typical dishes include Sharkfins' soup, steamed chicken..... GAH!! I've not had her cooking in SO LONG!
Obviously, we get our Red Packets from that side of the family that day :)

Day of Chinese New Year

Mum makes breakfast (Which is almost rare). We would have noodles (represents longevity) in clear fragrant broth and an egg each (represents growing a year old). After that, we would serve mum and dad tea and they would give us Red Packets. We usually visit an orphanage and/or old folks home. Mum and dad made it a tradition to bless other on the auspicious day.
The rest of the day would be spent visiting family and friend's houses, collecting red packets, and of course eating a whole lot at it.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time. To new resolutions, hopes, and dreams.
Have a wonderful, prosperous, healthy, fruitful dragon year my lovelies :)

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