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Saturday, February 04, 2012

Things That Could Possibly Go Wrong While Planning a Surprise Party

and What You Should Do to Save It.

1. Be ready to change plans and switch days (including the prepping and shopping days) at least 24 hours in advance because the person whom you plan the surprise party for does not know that there will be a party for her. Don't forget to let all your guests know too!

2. Communication. Call your accomplices the night before to make sure they have everything you need ready because as I have learned, people often disregard and not reply to your emails even though you know that they have already read them.

3. Think on your feet if they say, "Oh... I still have not gotten x, y, z......... everything."
It's might be better to get everything on your own.

4. Figure out what to say when you are baking the cake in your house when she is not suppose to be around. And don't smile while you are at it. Cuz she can tell that you are lying, especially if she is related to you.

5. Don't leave specific ingredients (especially the ones that screams her name) laying around while you are at it. Keep them right after using it because it might catch her attention, and she just might say, "OMG, I LOVE Baileys! What is it for?!" And you simply can't say, "Oh, it's for the Guiness Chocolate Ice Cream Cake with Baileys Cream Cheese cake that I am baking for you that is not really for you, but it is for you."

6. Prep everything you need to bring in bags prior to taking the ice-cream cake out of the freezer so you don't have to rush out of the house worrying about the cake melting and forgetting all the other things you would need.

7. Don't trust yourself to plan anything unless you have full control of all circumstances. In other word, DO NOT TRUST ANYONE even if she was your sister's best friend, even more so if she has the record of tardiness. No-no.

8.  Have a Plan B if the person you were suppose to meet at 12pm could not be gotten hold of until 1.30pm, especially if you have the TIME & TEMPERATURE BOMB aka. The Ice-Cream cake in your car's backseat.

9. Make sure the bags that you use to carry all your food items and bottles of wine are durable and tough because you don't want them to break in the middle of your journey, especially if your are travelling uptown, then across town, then downtown, and uptown again via public transportation and on foot (not including the cab just because you are poor).

10. Make sure you know when your Metro card expires because you don't wanna be carrying a handful of bags and getting denied at the turnstiles with 6 other people behind you. You don't wanna waddle your way through the crowd with all those bags again.

11. Prioritize what to buy first. You don't wanna look like the lady (aka me) with 6 pink and green balloons tied to her wrists shopping at a grocery store ignorant of the fact that her balloons are bumping into everyone she crosses.

12. Know where you put your personal items even if your hands are full and there are balloon strings around your neck. You don't want to lose your new MTA card that costs $104 while you are already going through such a treacherous day, and it has not even started yet!

13. Breathe.

14. Don't forget to eat while you are running errands and dreaming of pulling all the hair off your head because of frustration. Dad says, "A hungry man is an angry man."

15. Rant and maybe even cry your frustrations away prior to the party. You don't want no negative energies in a happy occasion!

16. Think, 'Everything is going to get better from here.'
The worst has already happened. Only good things from now on!!!

17. Remember that melted Ice-Cream Cake of disaster?! Think of a creative name for that.. or you can say you didn't make it. After the melted ice-cream hardened with the cake, it looked like an art piece that belonged at New York's Museum of Modern Art. Because of it's deep valleys and flat mountainous formations, I named it after glorious rift in the Colorado Plateau, The Grand Canyon.
Thank God it still tasted like how it was suppose to.

18. Maybe getting everyone to drink a little would be a better idea before serving the cake. People might not think that it looks as horrible as it does.

I had one heck of a crazy day planning for my sister's surprise birthday party yesterday. The night ended great and I am thankful for those who came and made it happen. Hopefully we'll see the pictures soon!

Have you ever planned a party that almost did not work out?

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