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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Let Me Be Your Star

Hey world,

Just thought that I should share this new cover of SMASH's Let Me Be Your Star originally sung by Megan Hilty and American Idol's Katharine McPhee.

SMASH is a new musical TV show that resembles GLEE. However, it is NOT GLEE. I personally think that SMASH is way better just because it deals with real backstage issues and dramas between the actors, directors, producers, and all the she-bangs with putting up a new show on Broadway. It is not that easy you know. GLEE on the other hand, I think grew a little old for  me. Movies and plays are all about conflicts and resolution. But how much conflict can a high school setting give you besides pregnancy, closet gays, and rebellion? Mind you, I do like their take on the songs that they sing. However, sometimes I feel like they were just singing certain songs just to sing them and I can only take that much of their cheesiness.

I am also biased because SMASH is new and the excitement hasn't died yet. We will soon see how well this show holds itself :)

Enough of the tra-la-la-what-I-think-talk.

Here's my cover of Let Me Be Your Star.
NBC has been pretty strict about people producing illegal karaoke tracks of the songs from SMASH so it was impossible to find it anywhere in the net. I was lucky to find a piano arrangement of the song by Youtuber Kengima.

Sam helped me slow down the track so that I could sing to it in a comfortable pace and I recorded the back up vocals to the song before recording this final take.

Enjoy, comment, share, and have a great day!


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